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February 2012

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how's a guy supposed to grocery shop?! what letters are those?



Hi Aunt janet & Uncle Doug -
Are you having a good time?
How is the food up there? have you gone sleigh riding yet? Is dylan having a good time? I will babysit when I am seven. Love emily.

Hey Janet & Doug -yes we have been following along your great journey. Emily & Andrew think Kaz(won't even try to spell) is somewhere between the north pole & Pennsylvania- We will be getting the globe out soon. Dylan looks really healthy and alert.What a blessing . Looks like I will be returning the 9 month clothes for 18 months.
Sorry to hear that you may not be considered in fashion. Are you guys ever warm? Its probably hard to keep up with those fast moving trendsetters over there. Chin up! We love you and are constantly thinking of you. The Medeiros family
doug...i cannot get over these pictures! it is clearly meant to be. dylan lights up when he looks at you and your wife. as if he has been with you since the moment he was born. all the best!!! donna
it's crazy how attached he/we became after about 5 minutes!
can't begin to describe.....
thanks for following along.
Sorry I haven't been able to keep up-We've been living in A virtual Kaz- No electricity for 72 Hours now- House is freezing- there's no water. I'm walking to the stream carrying buckets of water to flush toilets. My prized orchids are frozen, I have birds under blankets all over the place Whine whine whine. But worst of all no internet to check up on you guys. I see you're doing splendidly without me. Just dashed into the store to get a little heat. Hopefully we will have power soon and I will catch up.
good luck!!
was it a storm? just bad luck?
i feel like we're a plush resort compared to what you're going thru.
we can flush. knock wood.
come back when you have time.


Hi from Linda...

That is so funny...shopping by trial & error. I of course would start with the duck cereal. Everyone knows how ducks & cereal go together.

So in case you care (which you probably wouldn't normally, but you may now due to the onset of utter boredom syndrome), here's the Desperate Housewives update:
Brie tried to get the Det. who worked on her husband's murder case to look into the odd new neighbors (black mom & son), he said no, but came onto her, got rejected and later arrested her for dui. While walking home from jail, the odd neighbor picked her up and Brie wound up telling her all of Wisteria La. thought they were odd. The woman later called Nicolette Sheridan to set up an appt. to sell her house.
Blonde lady with 4 kids (can you tell I'm not good with names?) is fighting with her husband over him getting snipped (and I don't mean a haircut). He wants to keep himself intact in case he winds up with a 2nd wife who wants to have kids - that didn't go over well.
A sleezy photographer put naked pics of Eva Longeria out on the web and she wanted Carlos to go beat the guy up and get the pics. He didn't want to fight but wound up throwing the guy thru a window cuz he said Eva wasn't hot enough on the internet. Teri Hatcher had to see some young, cute surgeon guy (don't know why, I missed the beginning)for something, then she made up some symptoms so she could come back. The Dr. sent her for an MRI then started obsessing on why he couldn't find her problems. She admitted she faked them, he got mad, but then gave in and agreed to go out with her. Scenes from next week show Eva in a cat fight with the missionary woman in a church.

That's it for now...I don't do reality shows so you'll have to get someone else to fill you in there!

Stay warm!


when it comes to FOOD...i'll bet doug figures it out pretty quick !!!!!
hey, who goes there?



OK, I did a little translation work for you guys.
Beer = PIVO
Red wine = CRERVENE VINO (good luck with this one)
White wine = BIELE VINO (easier, drink white first)
Vodka = VODKA (strange)
Bread = CHLIEB
Cheese = SYR


got all those already.
how about cassolet? foie gras? cheeseburger? braised short ribs?


Jeff shall now fall off his chair. Hah!

Yeah, I know what you mean. Our first day there we noticed that our refrigerator had "maionyez." That wasn't so hard. "Gorchitsa" was hard. (Turns out that "gorchitsa" is mustard, which is great for putting on cheeseburgers.)

My journal of Uralsk can be quickly summarized as...

Days 1-2 : *cry* WHERE'S THE MCDONALD'S??!?!
Days 3-24 : ohmigod these 30¢ pieroshkies are TO DIE FOR!!!
Days 25-27: *cry* Can I take the pieroshkie baker home with me??

Incidentally, I bet they have foie gras at the Ramstore in Almaty. They had "Austrian" ketchup, so you never know...

By the way, the Ramstor also has a contract with ShopRite out of New Jersey, so the labels of all the ShopRite products are in ENGLISH! Knock yourself out. :)

Finally, while you're trying to milk everyone back home for sympathy, here is proof from right outside the Ramstore that you really ARE in the middle of paradise!!!

доврое утро!


where were you getting the pieroshkis?? viola store? i must know.
we skipped the crying stage, our interpreter inna (which translates "little english speaking angel from heaven sent to help fat americans stay fat") has taken us to some great local joints.
hosting our first kazak dinner party tonite! beef (pretty sure) stew and mashed potatos.....
stay tuned.
Looks like a bottle of Sam Adams behind the preserves! Congratulations Now go find some Gerbers.



Where is the PARM??? J/K ...

Hey guys, grats with everything! Pics are great, keep em coming..



Re: HI!

thanks vinny! believe it or not i parmed on my second day here - some sort of beef disk with cheese loaded on top. i thought of you! go steelers!


Of course I have heard of Xpymka cereal... I buy it in the local Kaz deli in Stamford. It goes well with borsht.