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February 2012

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10 seconds after he woke up today


dylan was sound asleep when we arrived today.
not sure but i think he was ok with us being there when he woke up.


I'd say with a smile like that he was darned happy to see you!

"Aunt" Ann

Came across by random search

His smile made me smile! What a cutie! Glad I came across his photo. I needed that beautiful smile to make my morning.


Hi from Linda...

What a happy little guy!!! Now he's glowing too! Doesn't that just make your day when you get a reaction like that? Makes it all worth it.

It is chilly here - been windy all night. But I can't complain...at least we're still above 0!

Have a great day...how was dinner with the people going home?

More later...

Re: Hi from Linda...

hi linda,
windy huh? oh poor baby!! was it anywhere near -17?
dinner was great!
our interpreter took us again to a great spot (i may take her home home with us). shish-ka-bob central.
flat bread, yougart based hot sauce, and grilled onions.
they actually have a charcoaled grill going out front!
the poor bbq guy is out there in the wind and cold with the hottest fire grilling some great meat.
fun time, pics to follow.
I've never seen anyone so happy to wake up! He must have known you two were coming!
Forget the Mona Lisa smile and "the face that launched a thousand ships". This kid sleeps with the angels --and it shows all over his face. Love, PA.
thanks dad.
he sure does love a good visit with mom and dad!
can't wait to take him home.
the 22 hours a day we're not there can't be great.
we moved from the hotel to the cottage yesterday and having him here at the cottage after court will be wonderful.


More details on the cottage? Is it as nice as everyone says? And is it really cold?

"Aunt" Ann
very nice!!!!
will post pics soon.
meant for two families but it's just been us so far, very nice.
another couple moves in today, the company will be nice too.
the thermometer says it's REALLY cold, -10, -5, 5.
agiain kudos to us for bringing the right gear, we walk for hours and sometimes sweat.
check weather underground...wunderground.com i think for thursday and friday in kokshetau!!!!!!


that smile...that smile...what a SMILE...!!!!!He sure won my heart already. love mom


that smile...that smile...What a SMILE.....i'm in love......if i were you i'd put him under your coat and make a run for it...they'd never notice with all that stuff you two are wearing!