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February 2012

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the first 10 seconds

this is the first photo, taken as soon as our coats came off.
still sound asleep, dylan has no concept that mom and dad exist.
is it just me or is janet postively glowing?!


Re: the first 10 seconds

sunday morning at the masi's...he looks so cozy, j, dont you just want to climb in that crib with him?! six months is "clap hands" time! see if you can get him to do it by copying you and sing the clap hand song!..any giggles yet? and i want to bite those rosy cheeks! miss you guys!

Re: the first 10 seconds

hi jen,
he is a little behind with muscle development. normal for one that's been crib bound his whole life.
we're doing baby workouts each day which he loves. no clapping yet.
yes on giggles and vocalizing.
very very alert but needs muscle tone.
keep the good stuff comin' darling! thanks.


Re: the first 10 seconds

Clara, who was a little over eight months at the time, just learned to clap from her Poppa (my dad) on the plane ride home. As she has developed muscle tone, she has gone from a 7-month-old baby when I met her, who couldn't even sit unaided, to one who can sit, is crawling all over the house into places that have yet to be babyproofed, and yesterday pulled herself up to a standing position on both Mommy and her toybox!

Dylan will probably be driving at the end of Day 44!

"Aunt" Ann
Spencer didn't learn to clap hands until he was almost 9 months.
hey girl,
welcome to our icy world.
it all melts from 10-12 everyday!!!!
what a sweetie.
5 visits all with vast improvements in movement and activity, it's amazing!
waiting to hear from beth albano for some good activities we can share.
hello to all the campbells.


I cried when I saw this!

Having experienced it so recently, I can tell you with certainty that you'll never really remember what happened in those first 10 seconds, but you'll never forget the feelings!

I couldn't be HAPPIER for you!

Love, "Aunt" Ann


Hi Guys..

It seems like just yesterday when we were sitting in that small, crowded room in NYC watching videos of babies in orphanages in Kaz ....and here I am, sitting at my desk at work in Connecticut, looking at YOU in an orphanage in Kaz with your gorgeous little baby boy! It almost feels surreal! I bet it does to you too...You guys make a beautiful family. You all look very happy....I can't wait to meet Dylan and look forward to the posting of new pics!!!! Congratulations from Linda and Mark!!!