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February 2012

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the great aviator!!!

this is the (in)famous YAK 40!
circa 1960? russian jet, 40 seats, each built for anyone up to 150lbs.
like stadium seats, they flip up when you stand up.
climb in through the tail, have to load the luggage ourselves, through the tail.
jamie and i did most of it.
the luggage fills the tail and them overflows into the cabin into the back row seats!
condensation drips from the ceiling and it's 80 degrees inside and -75 outside.
we fly 1000 miles straight north from almaty to kokshetau.
can anyone guess how doug was?

Re: the great aviator!!!

Are there ever enough drugs for a trip like that??!! We're glad you made it safe and sound...if not a little woozy :) Hurry up and bring that beautiful baby home!

Re: the great aviator!!!

crazy flight girl!
oh so worth it.....
just moved from the hotel to "the cottage" a couple of hours ago.
what a welcome change. more room and a functional kitchen.
the challenge will be finding ingredients.
more pix of dylan today.
still have 5 weeks here in paradise so watch him grow on line for now.
looks like you're checking mail/journal more than usual!!!!
love that.


Re: Eating in Kokshetau

Hi there,
When my husband and I were in Kokshetau, we made some great bean burritos and pizza from the dough you can buy at the Viola store, we also made mac and cheese and fried chicken...let me know if you want to know how we got the ingredients and how we made...have fun!! and enjoy your adventure....we have great memories...Luba, Sveta, Alexander, and Nudic are the best!!!

Tracy, Michael and Ryan

Re: the great aviator!!!

I have flown on my share of YAK-40s between Russia and Ukraine. Nobody with live chickens? Actually not too bad. Did everyone applaud when you landed? So glad you guys made it safe and sound. Dylan is beautiful. Пребывание теплое и ое домой скоро.

okay...we figured out how to log in! do you guys need anything that i can send...im right across the street fom carters and i LOVE using my bosses DHL account!!!!! let us know!
might take you up on the DHL thing.
need something cool for our driver.
sports jersey maybe......
will let you know.


medeiros family

Hey guys,

The pictures are great- Dylan is very handsome. Emily wants to know if you are in Pennsylvania. She wants to know when she can visit Dylan. It is very cold here, trying to make you feel better. Brian and I are now eating 1000 calories a day in support of your trip. Food stinks here too! All the best to you guys! Bring us back a Tee Shirt!

Re: medeiros family

hey guys,
tell emily we're a little further than PA.
cold there huh? is it anything like -15?
tell em and andrew to bone up on babysitting skills so doug and janet and brian and joanne can go out.
the kid is precious. what an adventure!
thanks for following along.


But see what a great story it makes?

When will you ever do anything that is as great a cocktail party story as this again?

"Aunt" Ann


PS: business class in the 747 to Uralsk was really nice too!

"Aunt" Ann

Re: PS: business class in the 747 to Uralsk was really nice too!

now that's hitting below the belt.
as crazy as this is going to sound this flight was so smooth if i could be assured it would always be that way i'd get on again.

oh wait......i HAVE to.
WITH MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!where is the closest apothecary?