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February 2012

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Makes you want to cry
can't tell who said this....

father & son

Love BEFORE first sight !! (Who is handsomer???)Love and kisses to the the the very blessed trio, from Nana and PA.

Re: father & son

thanks dad!!!!
and nice goin' on figuring out the journal!
when we want something bad enough there's no tellin' what can be accomplished....


From Dee!!!

Doo-gah-lie... We miss you here-things are pretty much the same; Nigel's been doin a great job at taken care of everything here 4 ya. I LoVe ThE PICtUrEs Of DoUgDaD & DyLaN---at last!!! I can't wait to meet him in person....and hug'em...and smell'em, because as you know, babies just smell soo good!. I guess some things ARE worth waiting for!! Anyhow, you'll probably get this in the morning--Liz was telling me, since I think we're 12 hours apart.....So, I'll leave you with this: Monday Morning Dialogue a.k.a Nigel's first official day as DOUG, here at the store: Dee---> "Dude....you ROCKED today! First day on the job, and you've been on the phone all day long with sales people & customers....WOW, you may go nuts before Doug comes back tho...!" Nigel---> "Probably could've done better tho....I should be doin what HE does to keep up---that is, EAT MORE!! (lunches, that is!!)-HA We love ya bunches--ttys & keep sendin those pictures! xo love, "Danny"-from the Cortlandt Gang

Re: From Dee!!!

hey danni,
sweetest note yet from anybody!!! YOU rock.
nice goin nyge! maybe i'll just stay in dylans homeland.......

Baby Makes 3

You guys look soooooo happy. Dylan is a perfect fit! Great to get photos, keep them coming!! All is well here! Tucker and Brutus found a bunny Big Mac took down and dragged it around the yard and into my house. Weather has been crazy, 60 yesterday and rainy and colder today. Everything is calm around here, ready and waiting for a new addition (actually I'm a little scared for Dylan, all the attention he is gonna get may shock him). How cold is it there? Talk soon. B

Re: Baby Makes 3

thanks barb.
dead bunny in the house! gross.
can't wait to get him home, our visits are painfully short.
more pics coming soon, stay tuned.
dinner with outgoing newbies tonight.
balmy today -4F........

Wow - Dylan looks amazing!!

Janet and Dougo - I can't express how happy these pictures make me for you guys and your new addition in the commune. Dougo are you knitting yet?? - Janet, are you getting the other couple to play games yet?? - Or even better is the other couple giving up knitting and now enjoy drinking and playing games with you guys - Either way I need to know - Now to the more important part of your journey - Dylan looks like he will already be a better athlete than both parents and I can't wait to meet him (Wyatt keeps touching the screen) - All my love to everyone - We miss you - Gib

Re: Wow - Dylan looks amazing!!

i knitted some shot glasses and we all got drunk.
janet organized the kazak indoor olympics.
we took gold in tiddlywinks and jacks.
took silver in backgammon and bronze in majong.
dylan is delicious. loves us so much in so short a time. it's incredible.


Hi from Linda...

So you guys changed any diapers yet? ;)

Hope you're having fun...what's the cottage like? Settled in yet?



Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Dylan is adorable - can't wait to meet him when I finally get back to the East coast! I love the pictures- you all look so happy! Stay warm & hope to see ya soon!

Re: Congratulations!

hey pratt,
thanks so much!!!
he is such a sweetie, loves mom and dad already.
what a great visit today, hard to leave each day.
thanks for following along.
stay tuned for more corny pics.


How many does he have??

Re: Teeth

just 2 on the bottom.
he'll probably get few more breaking thru just in time for our flights home!


So Sweet

Hi Doug, Janet and Dylan:

I have been looking at all of the pictures from your incredible journey. This one brought a tear to my eye. It looks like you guys are really embracing the whole adventure and of course, baby dylan.

Miss you,