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February 2012

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my son's passport

nothing more to say right now..........


Wow, can you believe it's finally here?? And he's official?? We can't wait to have you all back safe and sound! I would like to thank you for changing your flight, Monday works much better for me (my only babysitter day) :)

It will be so great to get this new chapter of your life started!! We feel so honored and lucky to be a part of it. Dylan has no idea what you guys have gotten him into :) Love you guys, see you Monday!
hi lisa,
only if you can easily do it.
touch base with linda kipp. thanks.


Safe home you three-glad to hear that your long journey is coming to an end and you on your way home. I think everyone can breathe a little easier. Can't wait to meet our new friend. Much Love- the Medeiros Family
thanks guys.
you can't fathom how the support from home has helped. we can't wait to share him.
what a ride.



Re: YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!

thanks lady!!!!!!


Ochen Harasho!

What long hard road. You guys have to be on cloud devyet!

Have a great tip home guys. So happy for you.

Kelly & Kelly

Re: Ochen Harasho!

thanks kellys!!!
can't wait to pull the cork on something special and share it/him with you in person.

Safe Travel with your little care package!

Congratulations on Dylan being "official"! how special...
I can't wait to meet him in person...I wish I could be there to see you guys arrive in Newark, but duties at GHS will prevent me from doing that. When is the welcome home party!?

Re: Safe Travel with your little care package!

thanks chrissy,
no party planned yet but you know it won't be long.
i'm sure folks will be coming and going monday evening.
we'll be wrecked from the trip and jet lag but who cares?