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February 2012

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on walkabout in almaty

colin callahan the hat you picked out is the BEST!
dylan is very sensitive to even the slightest bit of sunlight. he's never been in it, we're takin' it slow.
look closely at the ground.......that's actual ground!
no snow here in town. it was sunny and 48 F when we landed. above zero!



I love the hat too! To think that this time next week you'll be back on Old Wagon Road (wait until you see your neighbor's "new" house!)
Bon Voyage! Jean T


Evry time I see a Dylan picture I think: "That is the cutest he is ever going to be ---then one shows up to top it. Love, Pa


So close...

I can't believe this chapter is about to close...You are thisclose to the "and they lived happily ever after" and I can't tell you how thrilled I am for all of you.

Saddens me to think he has never been in the sun, although he is definitely a ray of sunshine!! You better acclimate him to the sun...it's going to be really bright at the end of that tunnel!! :)

Dylan's expressions and smiles are priceless and seems oblivious to all the fuss that surrounds him. I know he has filled so many dreams. True innocence, you will have so much time to tell him all about it and start fulfilling more!

Gotta go now...the line to Old Wagon is starting to form, want to get a good spot! :)

Safe travels!

~Melissa and Family

Re: So close...

thanks jordans!!
it's touching how you've followed along.
can't wait to share in person.