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February 2012

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bon voyage!!

the girls and kids at the kokshetau airport......paka paka.



hate goodbyes...love hellos

as much as I want you all to arrive...there was a little sadness to see you at airport with inna..we've become very fond of your kaz friends...they've been part of OUR everyday life too!!!!!How lucky you were to have them... soon you'll have all of US...LUCKY YOU...LUCKY US!!!! see you soon...Hey that was great to write!!!!!sally,tucker, sasha and maddie

Re: hate goodbyes...love hellos

sure a little sad but it's time for cryin' out loud.
can't wait for you to hold him!



So glad to see you all in that airport! I'm certain your hearts are now as attached to Kokshetau as mine is! Have fun in Almaty for the next few days -- and have a safe trip home!

Kristi Metz
mom to Jackson a 01/2005 Kokshetau
who was the original owner of that showsuit!

Re: Yeah!!

thanks kristi!
for the snowsuit and the kind words. we are VERY attached to kokshetau


Hi from Linda...

Must have been sad saying goodbye to Inna... and all the ladies at the market, the waitresses, the driver, Luba...boy, you guys must have made quite an impression on all of them. But you have lots of happy Hellos ahead of you!

See you soon!

Re: Hi from Linda...

thanks lin,
can't wait to see you!
FYI: we have one less bag but one more person to pick up.



Have fun in Almaty..Your are almost home now!!! Have a safe journey on Tuesday back to the wonderful United States!

Amy, Steve and Megan Woodward

Re: Congrats!

thanks guys.
we'll be in touch when we get settled.
how long did it take to clear in the US? so i can let our welcoming committee know.