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February 2012

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dylans first night out

early dinner at mad murphys is almaty.
drinks for all.
one step closer to home.
miss kokshetau prices, 90 tenge for a beer vs. 400 here. 150 for soup vs. 500 here.



They sure gave you the RIGHT baby...he's ready to pull up to the table and have dougs dinners...no chicken nuggets for this kid...bring on the rack of lamb!!!!!!!ssmt
That picture would get you arrested in the states. Here in the journal it is going to get a lot of chuckles. You guys look great. Glad to see a change of scenery.
Expect to see Dylan at Cortlandt daycare. We have Joy, sometimes Cosmo, Yesterday Muffin, Christian's cat. Plenty of room for Dylan.
i can't wait for y'all to meet him.


i see top teeth! how many? and by the way...charlotte wants to daycare with dylan too, you know!

Re: choppers!

4 choppers so far, teething not a big deal so far.
home tuesday!!


Great Shot!!!!

Hey Doug don't you think your starting Dylan a little young for drinking. Hurry Home, can't wait to see Dylan. I hope you'll bring him around when I'm working so I can play with him.
Have a very safe trip home and we will see you soon.

hi dottie,
of course you will meet him ASAP.
thanks for following.
Mmmm...I <3 Mad Murphy's. Granted, I was there in the summertime when we could all sit outside. I didn't know they HAD an inside!

Anyway, it sure looks like Dylan is looking PAST the libation there and on to something else that's catching his attention. I was trying to figure out what it was, and here are some of the possibilities I came up with:

I have waaaay too much time on my hands...
I have waaaay too much time on my hands...

i'll say, but thanks! martha stewart??!!
You're more worried about Stewart than Nazarbaev?? :)
wasn't sure that was him, the images flash by pretty quickly.....
Yup. It's him. Scroll about a third of the way down this page>.

I wanted to use this pic instead, but I wasn't sure how easily I could cut the background out around the golfclub.