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February 2012

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movin' on......

hi all.
we fly to almaty tomorrow at 11:00 am (midnight tues. for you)
internet service has deteriorated here so i may or may not be back later.
we fully intend to back online in almaty but ya never know.
this journal is being followed all over the country and i don't want to leave anyone hangin'.

you can't imagine how much you've all helped!!



Why do you guys go to Almaty? Where is that? Why not HOME? My kids are off of school this whole week, wishing we had a new cousin to come visit....

almaty is where we visit the embassy to check out and get a passport for dylan and our airline doesn't fly out of there till tues. feb 28th......ughh.
I bet there are some interesting things to see in almaty..will it be warmer? Does the airline only fly out of there once a week?
hi campbells,
there will be stuff to see/do. mtn resorts, a real fancy/famous skating facility in the mtns.
it will be warmer, it's been much warmer here too. 30-40 above zero!
not sure how often klm flies out but i know we have to wait till tues.
see you then.


Good luck on the trip to Almaty and reconnecting to Livejournal. We desperately need our early AM Dylan/Kaz fix. Love, Pa.
thanks dad.
we'll do our very best!


Hangin' in there !

We're not good "hangers"....we need a constant fix....thanks for the monumental effort you've put forth to keep us up to date, delighted and amused...it's been fantastic....have safe trip...remind Dylan of his promise...Love to Janet, Dylan and you......sally

Re: Hangin' in there !

hi sally,
see you soon. we're gettin' there!

one step closer...

Safe trip and Godspeed.
We are so looking forward to seeing you all.
J,P,C and C...

Re: one step closer...

can't wait..........


does anyone know dylans full name?

Re: anyone?

dylan charles garofalo