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February 2012

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happy birthday sally!!

we're bringin' ya home something nice this year!!
i hope you like it.......



Now that's a BIRTHDAY present !!!!!!!!

Can't beat that for a wonderful present,,,,,,,


Hi from Linda...

Hey...today (the 17th) is Kyle's birthday too! He's one year old, boy time sure flies!

Happy Birthday Sally!!!



Happy Birthday Sally.
What a present !!!!! Enjoy
JL, Linda and zee boys


Happy B-Day Sally!!

Wishing you a wonderful b-day! What a great present you have coming to you!!! The cutest and most cuddly one yet!!1

All our love,
Cressida and Family
That's quite a package, don't know how much he is diggin it! Next thing he knows he will be dressed up like Manny Ramirez. He seems like a fine citizen. Spencer is looking forward. Are you people coming home soon or waiting for for the local hockey club to bring home the gold (might take a while). Though as far as I am concerned the US is laying eggs in Turin (except in the sports we have recently invented). Hope all is well, missing you guys. I believe your house is still standing.. Happy birthday Sally.

missing you guys a ton!!!
manny crack is funny.
home tues. feb 28th 12:10 newark.
GMAC is closed that day i heard.
hockey club beat up kaz pretty good.


What a cutie!!!

Hi Janet and Doug!
Congratulations and very best wishes to you and Dylan for good health and happiness, always!!!
Sally is certainly excited....I'm trying to keep a lid on her!!
Will it be Mimi? Granny? I told her to pick a name that Dylan can say easily (after Dada and Mama, of course).
We have shared many "adoption" stories. Now, Janet, you have come full circle and know what an absolutely, wonderful and blissful event it is.
Needless to say that I have enjoyed all the pictures and they will be a wonderful record for Dylan to know how very much he was wanted and welcomed, and will be cherished always!!
God Bless you and I'm looking forward to meeting Dylan soon!
Love, Helen Gesiotto



birthday's over until next year!!!!thanks for all the nice birthday wishes from everyone...ps the first comment was from me...i forgot to sign. sally

Re: oh,pooh

sally don't worry.......
it's a gift that keeps on giving...........and crying and pooping......



Janet and Doug,
Congratulations. We have enjoyed seeing a part of what you all are experiencing and have been watching the love grow for your son over the past few weeks. The beginning of a wonderful/exhausting journey of life with a child. Your photos and comments have inspired a range of emotions and many smiles on the part of this reader. Take care, and we look forward to seeing you all in person when you come state side. Amy, Paul, Callie, Megan, and John Liberty (Sally's old neighbors)