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February 2012

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come out come out whoever you are!

we will want to share this with dylan when he gets older.
could everyone click on the "comment on this" button and type your name.
you don't need to join the journal to do this, anyone can send a message.
all you lurkers, one-timers, every-dayers, everyone.
just so we have a record forever. your support has been overwhelming and i bet we don't know the half of it!

don't need to be clever, witty, silly or anything- just a name will do. (or clever and silly)


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Out of the woods.

grandma Sally ....alias ssmt....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!!Love you Dylan ! He's the best Valentines present ever! however, if candy and diamonds are in the mail.....i'll accept them too....love sally

Re: Out of the woods.

can't wait for you to enjoy him live!!!!!
he's a real treasure.
thanks sally.

Your first Valentine's Day

Thanks for the joy you have brought into this world
Liz and Pat

Re: Your first Valentine's Day

what a joy he is!!!!!
thanks guys, you rock.
you are greatly responsible for some of this..........


Happy Valentines Day!!! Your four big cousins are so patiently waiting your arrival home so we can all give you big hugs and kisses!!! Have a safe trip home and come stay in Duxbury this summer. They have a really great parade for your birthday in July!!!

Keep smiling and enjoy your 1st Valentine's Day with your mom, dad and that cute little girl you are hanging out with!!

love always,
Cressida,Dan, Danny, Henry, Riley and Phoebe
thanks duxbury!
can't wait for you all to meet the kazak prince....(aka the mongolian menace)

making history

happy valentines day sweetheart dylan! with much love! pete, jen, charlotte & monty masi!

Re: making history

can't say enough about all your material, priceless!
thanks guys.

monty!!!!!! what up dog? still hidin' down below in the stroller? you rock.


We look-follow you every day.Love Lynne Holly Kenny


Fun in Kokshetau

We hope that you are having fun in Kokshetau!!! Dylan you are a cutie!! and we wish you great blessings!!! Maybe our Ryan can meet you one day and you can talk about the good ol days in Kokshetau!!!
Lots of Love, I can tell your parents are sooooooo Happy!!!

Tracy, Michael and Ryan Stannard (from Shuschinsk)

Re: Fun in Kokshetau

we are having a great time!
love to meet sometime.
Happy Valentines Day to all. Love, Janice, Stewart and Spencer. I almost wrote Cooper instead of Spencer. Old habits die hard.
thanks campbells!
we miss you sooo much it aches.
can't wait for you to hold him!!!


thanks folks!
what a ride it's been, see you soon!


Its Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all the sweeties out there.
Will you be my Valentine?

Actually, some of us single girls are having our own Valentine's dinner tonight.
Staying home is no fun!!!

Lots of love,
Lisa C.

Re: Its Valentine's Day

happy valentines day! where'd you go? get in line for dylan......


Happy Valentine's Day Doug, Janet and Dylan with MANY more to come! :)

You are a precious gift with the sweetest smile. You have touched many hearts and fufilled more dreams than you may ever know!!

Thank you for including me on this ride.

xo, Melissa Jordan and Family


Dear Dylan, You've made your parents the happiest people in the world! Much love and happy life! Diane Morris
thanks di!
you got that right.......mom and dad are thrilled.


Hi from Linda

Dear Dylan,
Happy First Valentine's Day! We're so happy we were included in your long journey home and we join many people who can't wait to meet you! I think you're everybody's sweetheart today!

Linda, Joe, Ryan & Kyle


I have been following along on your journey to Dylan. You all look so happy together. Soon you will be home and it will be a great memory. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

mom of a WPA Kaz cutie (Alia adopted Uralsk 7/1/05)


saying hi


Re: saying hi

thanks a million!


daily follower

Hi my name is Audrie and I check in on you guys everyday. We adopted our son Alek from Kokshetau way back in 2002 and so I especially love to follow the Kokshetau sites. In the olden days we were only in Kokshetau about 24 hours so sites like yours help me learn about my sons birth city. Dylan is a cutie patootie by the way (as if you didn't already know).

Audrie, Sean, Anissa 8 born in Guatemala and Alek 4 born in Kokshetau Kaz

Re: daily follower

when we heard about the old days and 24 hours in town we thought "how great".
WRONG. this is a charming town. we are an adventurous couple and have discovered a cool, very friendly, proud, place. our driver and interpreter are fantastic! inna, our interpreter, will be part of our life forever!
if you want more e-mail me at "dugwine@aol.com". i've explored every inch of kokshetau on foot.
thanks for the note!
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