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February 2012

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hi everyone,
we're here, we're excited, we're a little isolated, phone and internet has been a challange.
but as this message will attest we're learning!!!!
met dylan yesterday!!!!!!
what a sweetheart!
we went in realizing he might be a little indifferent to a couple of unshowered strangers.
couldn't be more wrong, he soaked us in like a dry sponge, amazing!
the part we didn't prepare for was leaving him after 2 hours of pure bonding....
dylan fell to pieces....... followed quickly by dougdad.

got some great photos that should be up later, stay tuned.


Can't wait!!

I think I have been checking up on you guys every five minutes today!! It's so great to "hear" from you. I am dying for pictures. I'm thrilled to hear that your first meeting went so well...it will only get better :) We miss you already! Bundle up!!

...so what do they put in burritos over there??!! :)

Re: Can't wait!!

hi gibbys,
thanks for following along!
another great visit with dylan today.
pictures take hours to download, soon i hope.
burritos here are yummy. our interptreter makes them. ground beef, yes beef, rice, onions beans, and spicy yougurt sauce.

and vodka.....


Congratulation Guys. All the Gerins are pretty excited and impatient to meet Dylan.
What's the food like ???
What are you eating ???
hello gerins!
pictures tonite maybe, having trouble downloading..

get a table ready at jl, the food here is a challenge.
first good food today, our interpreter tookus to a local spot.
i had pounded pork rolled around an omelet with shrooms and cheese, janet had beef, potato, shrooms, and cheese in a cream sauce. reminded us of swiss alpine food.
when we go out alone we get bad food.


hi from greenwich

Hi guys..Its TK..I am so happy to hear that you made it there safe and sound and that Dylan is happy to see his new parents...This is such a wonderful experience for you 2..we are so happy for you.
Ker and I are going in for our next round of IVF tomorrow morning with her last 5 frozen embryos..we are very excited and can't wait to raise our children together, will be so much fun. So, say a little prayer for us.
We were out with the gang last night AGAIN at our new booze joint Mac Duffs..Needam was also there..we missed you 2..How is the weather out there? Its been 55 degrees here, nuts isn't it! Ok..over and out for now..I will keep checking in..Love you guys- TK

Re: hi from greenwich

hi ladies,
thanks so much for joining our adventure!!
what a wild trip and what a pot o' gold at the end!
good luck with the IVF!
more pics soon, stay tuned.....


Hi Doug and Janet:

Wonderful news about Dylan. Sorry about the showering situation, but as they say "when in Kazakhstan". Can't wait to see the pictures of your sweet baby boy.

love and miss you,

hi lisa,
thanks for the support.
we did sort out the showering thing.....
simple really- some days the water is colorful, some days not.
stay tuned.....


Signing in from SET: Sitting at my computer reading all of the posted messages and getting very weepy. This brings back so many memories I had stored away. Your first visit with Dylan was remarkable; he could feel the love and he knows that he is very special to you. This is an incredible journey, even for those of us watching from our computers. Looking forward to seeing the new photos and celebrating your experiences day by day!
thanks for the support marilyn.
remarkable what the initial 2 hours can do for three people!!!!!!
stay tuned......


Hi Janet,
I am so happy to hear you finally meet your little boy. I am absolutely thrilled for you. It is fantastic to here he is so accepting so early. He must know a good thing when he sees it, SMART BOY! I can't wait to see the first family picture. Congratulations!

Best regards,
too many jennifers on the loop...help me out.


The Medeiros family has been waiting on some news. How exciting for you three. Hang in there with - just keep handing out those jolly ranchers- or did you leave them on the pool table? Best of wishes for a safe, sanitary stay and return. Cant wait to meet Dylan.



Janet and Doug:

I was checking every hour until my computer started freaking out on me (too much use of my own in Kaz, I suspect!). I am now back on-line and I am starting to read your entries and I'm SO EXCITED for you! Dylan is adorable and looks very happy with you guys!

Isn't this the most amazing experience ever???


"Aunt" Ann