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February 2012

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dylan has become a soprano fan....


You may not want Dylan to learn his first words fromTony soprano. You're parents now and must sit through endless Barney songs.
You guys look great. Were you able to see any of the Olympic Ceremonies? Pat and I were betting that Kelly was going to be the caldron lighter.
barney smarney. so far it's sopranos and sex and the city, quite a mix. the kid will be a gangster pornstar!

we are using the "apartment" to watch the olympics. cable tv and no other adopters in town.
did you see the photo kelly linked to the journal?
Yes I did. he looked very smart indeed. Since he tends to wind up in amazing places by sheer luck we were betting on him as torch bearer. Are you listening Kelly?
he sure does turn up in places and torino is in his wheelhouse!


Drought over

Happy again....yesterday i was very lonely without you guys....Being a tourist in sub zero weather is very IMPRESSIVE!....but as that movie line goes" seize the moment".....tie your ribbon to the tree and next time choose a warmer time of year!!!!!speaking of weather....we're supposed to get a northeaster today...compared to your location our BIG deal pales....but the shovel is out and the veg.soup is on.ssmt

Re: Drought over

that veggie soup sounds so great!
talk about comfort food........
i did beef stew and it rocked also. just need to simmer a long time.


Re: Drought over

mentioning FOOD always gets a reply...(smile) ssmt
Now I'll know where Wyatt gets his potty mouth after a playdate with your kid :) Of course it won't be from Jack....

Just no WWF please!
no wwf available but we're looking.
boredom set in yesterday for janet, she watched baywatch in russian!!