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February 2012

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anyone thinkin' of takin' this inchworm away better think again.......



He's clearly a boy of many expressions...he's even cuter when he's serious and means business!! I am loving my daily doses of Dylan and family!!



LOVE the updates--although i haven't been writing, i have been following, thinking and praying for ya daily!!!!!!!

Way to go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!

thanks ko!
gald you're onboard. what a trip, on so many levels.........


Hi guys:
I love all the pictures and the narratives.
I read that you may be taking off on the 27th. That's great news. Dylan will be home in time to experience his first St. Patrick's Day parade.

See you soon,
Lisa C.
hi lisa.
the day before we left will never be forgotten. thanks for comin' over and hangin' out.
this has been an amazing journey and i'm glad you're part of it.



Dylan may be in for a rude awakenung.....tucker, maddie and sasha already have commented the caterpillar looks like fun....and they think you just issued a challenge ! sally


Hi guys! had to pass this comment along-just logged on and saw this precious photo and Dan said, "he's pissed already!"
Gabby and Dan
thanks guys, where are you now?


Just LOVE that face! those eyeborws mean business. You already need a second one of those toys if that one is ever lost!!
i know, our later date home sucks but we have no choice.
where in the sun are you going?!


What's wrong....where is Dylan? Did he hit you with the caterpillar? Is he in "time out"? We are suffering withrawal !!!!!!!
dropped the ball yesterday. road trip plus limited access to internet led to a dylan-less day.
the horrors..............


Rockin' Snowsuit

Read your entire journal today (oops, was I supposed to be working?). Glad to hear all is going well! Your boy is stunning! Please tell Lyuba, and Oleg that I sent a big hello!

Kristi Metz
WPA'r and Mom to Jackson adopted 01/2005 Kokshetau, KZ

Re: Rockin' Snowsuit

hi kristi,
thanks for joining in!
we're living our time in the cottage. drove to boravoya yesterday, great time.
i'll pass you hellos on today.