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February 2012

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“thank you all for hearing our case today.
hello my name is douglas john garofalo and this is my lovely wife janet leslie caswell.
not only are we husband and wife, but we are best friends and partners for life.”

this was the opening of my speech.
we are learning more about court as time passes.
inna says that the judge said that once she heard this line she decided in our favor!

the clincher was me saying “my lovely wife”. somehow that really touched her.

go figure........



Hi from Linda

Maybe it was an error in translation? Maybe Inna said something even better! Whatever it was, it worked! You must have been beyond nervous...I can't imagine.

The pictures are great - keep 'em coming!


Re: Hi from Linda

there are not words to express how nervous! but somehow my head was right where it needed to be and my speech flowed nicely. having to stop every sentence so inna could translate helped me gather my thoughts.
janet was great too.
looks like home is feb 27th, newark. noonish , i think. will confirm.


I truly do believe that you have a future in writing speeches! and you both seem to have the parenting thing down to a exact science!! Right down to the ear-to-ear smiles at all times! Have not seemed to master that part of it yet! Bummed about the due date home! We are away for two weekends for some fun in the sun, so will have to get down there somehow!!