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February 2012

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dylan's first bath at home. we got more soaked than the baby!
what fun......


He looks like he loves his baths! Is he sitting up yet? It's hard to give a squirmy baby a bath in a big tub - I'm glad you all survived! Swimming lessons at the YW next! I started Jack at 8 months. Do you have a new arrival date yet?
not sitting entirely on his own yet. it's a 2 man job so far. we do have a little kiddie tub. no date yet.......
thanks for the calgary jersey!

BTW Doug, I've been wearing my shopka in your honor

Go to the following link. I only take it off to take a shower and in bed until Dylan is home.


Re: BTW Doug, I've been wearing my shopka in your honor

great shot, made my day!( it is only 6:45) where'd you get the lid? mink?

you can't fathom how lushious that 1999 burg looks from here! we tried a couple of bottles of wine from moldovia.
passable but wow are we craving the good stuff!!


He is deliciously adorable!! Who needs the marketplace, just give him a nibble, I'm sure he won't mind!!


bath time was a hoot!
this kid loves a good time.


Hi from Linda...

You should bring that Russian massage lady over to the house to give you lessons...bet nobody but the baby gets wet when she's in charge!

He looks adorable as usual...each picture cuter than the next!
(you look OK too Doug!).


Re: Hi from Linda...

good thinking! so now we're bringing luba (housekeeper/laundry doer), russian masseuse, and inna (she's 23! and adores me)...
what a party at newark international!


those after-bath photos are priceless !! even dylan seems to be enjoying it. pa.

rub a dub dub

is he a big kicker in the tub? and how delish does he smell when he's all squeaky clean...yummy baby....unbelievable but all of sudden i dont remember you without him...keep smiling daddy, it keeps getting better!

Re: rub a dub dub

thanks guys! we miss you all.
looks like home is feb 27th, newark.
if you can get the day off...........

Re: rub a dub dub

do you know what time you get in? and what time is it now? we all just ate tapioca pudding..is dylan on solids yet?

Re: rub a dub dub

it's 7:30 am and i think we get in noonish......i will confirm.
we will wait for solid food till we get home.