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February 2012

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more kaz observations:
marlboro cigarettes are 80 tenge!!! other brands less!
a loaf of bread is 27 tenge.
kids ice skate on the sidewalks.
the people are VERY sweet.
if you take the hood from an old car, flip it over, tie a rope from it to an old broom handle two guys can haul a lot of snow.
it’s 10 C above today, that means we’ve seen a 50 degree range in 2 weeks.
cars have the right of way, not pedestrians......except sometimes. i’m not testing when!!
dishes at a restaurant come out when they’re ready. i’ve eaten alone with a group.
locals believe vodka makes you warmer.
local people are fascinated with americans, not intimidated or angered or resentful.
i bet this town is really charming in the summer. lake, outdoor cafes, outdoor markets, etc.



did i miss something

how about a refresher...one tenge = ? locals sound wonderful.....fortunately i'm not worried about too much vodka consumption....you've got lots of love to keep YOU warm! As charming as summer sounds...I'm hoping you'll forego the temptation..and come on HOME! You have no idea how MANY people read your web...a friend of a friend of mine enjoys the site so much...she said she wants to adopt DOUG !!!!!!!!!! love sally

Re: did i miss something

133 tenge = $1.00.........i'm up for adoption...
vodka makes you forget you are cold


You seem to be mellowing. That beautiful baby must have something to do with it! And, the 50 degree rise in temperature must be helpful. Can't take my eyes off that "family portrait". And, how much is a tenge and how often does the exchange rate change? Love, Pa.
see above for exchange. doesn't flucuate much saw 1.30 once.
can't wait for you meet the little feller!