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February 2012

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family portrait

baby makes 3!!



What an amazing family portrait!! You guys just warm my heart each and every morning!! We are soooo very happy for the three of you!! And now hopefully Janet won't mind if I say the very corny statement "it was meant to be"!!!!! ha ha ha ha..... But you know it IS true....

hi cress,
thanks for traveling along. what a trip.
and yes- this kid was meant to be ours.
weeks ago we asked the doctor that has known him since birth what she knows about him.........
"very social, never gets cross with anyone, loves to eat" remind you of anyone??!!

can't make this stuff up!!


Grandma makes 4!!

ooooooh..i can't stand it....watch out i want to put my arms around you all and hug you too.that is the BEST picture yet!.. my 3 favorite people in the world...love sally


I honestly believe that every picture from here on in will have that same radiant glow as the one above. You have waited so long for this and I couln't be any happier that you finally have your prize in your arms - where he so obviously is meant to be!! I truly feel lucky to have been able to share this journey with you...it has touched ME in so many ways. There is NO doubt that this little man has picked YOU...he was destined to be a Caswell!! Can't wait for him to hit the American soil running!! Praying that will be soon!!

xo, Melissa and Family
hi melissa,
very sweet stuff and all true! thanks a million for staying with us.
you'll never beat us again in co-ed softball with dylan (garofalo) on our side!!
Congratulations..you three look so happy. Any idea when you will be leaving that city?
hi girlfriend!
we leave kokshetau on the 22nd. need a few days (passport for jr.) in almaty then home!
how old was spencer on BI? i keep staring at him on my screensaver photo.
saw photos from our basement on superbowl sunday. randy sent 'em.
that clinches it, entertaining from 10,000 miles away!
stu looks like he's lost weight.........


Great picture!

You guys look great - I can't wait to meet the little guy in person. Stay warm and save travels back to the USA! -Rosie


Looking Good

Hello Family:
You all look so happy. I can't wait to meet your sweet little boy face to face.
Home safe.


Ok, I'm Trying to Keep My New Promise

Hi guys,

I promised J yest that I'd put something out here everyday now. Not sure which you prefer - journal replies or e-mail - but here goes ...

This journal is awesome and would seem to be a fair bit of work to keep up with. The pics are great. I'm very impressed with your diligence.

Dylan looks like everything you could hope for. I'm really psyched for you guys. He's lucky to have such devoted and dedicated parents 'cuz the beaurocrats don't make it easy.

Other random thoughts - Seattle got boned in the super bowl - 2 TD's called back on dubious calls. On the holding penalty one even Madden said "Technically, that might have been holding, but then there's holding on every play". On the offensive pass interference one? Incidental contact with no bearing on the outcome of the play whatsoever. Sucks for the Seahawks.

Loved the Randle El reverse into a TD pass to Ward play. A thing of beauty. Nicest Pitts pass of the day.

Take care guys. Stay warm. Looking forward to seeing the THREE of you later this month.

Re: Ok, I'm Trying to Keep My New Promise

i'm guessing pc here?,
journal or e-mail is equally great stuff! whatever strikes you. is your laptop still polluted?
journal is easy to keep up with, lots of free time here. it's just a little dicey getting the one phone line and it's SLOW.
how's j feeling?


Re: Ok, I'm Trying to Keep My New Promise

Sorry for the confusion. It's me, Tom. It being the first time 'using', I spaced and assumed, as with e-mail, it'd automatically say who it's from (Doh!).

I noticed the new traditional shabka (hat) in the 'found the grill' photo. Makes me wonder just how much local goods you guys are procuring. Anything really interesting? Knowing you two, it's a LOT and you're gonna also need to buy a pack mule to haul it all home. HA!

Wierd winter continues here. No snow ... not that I'm complaining. College hoops is rocking, so I'm happy. Although Carolina lost to Duke yest in another nail-biter that they very well could have won. Alas, the evil emperor's (Coach K) successor, Reddick, was just sick again with some dagger buckets in the closing minute or two. I couldn't help but think, however, that UConn would crush either of those teams. Akin to the thought watching the Super Bowl, that New Englad would have abused either the Steelers or the Seahawks in that game (so sloppy was the play).

Keep up the yoeman's work and stay warm!!

Cheers, Tom M.


Congrats!! So happy for you what a beutiful family!!
We are in Kaz, in Almaty, and now need to get some sleep!
bon voyage, good luck, godspeed!

buckle your seatbelts, keep us up to date.

Re: Ok, I'm Trying to Keep My New Promise

dago here. i hear winter in ct has been weird. not here- cold, cold.
fine by me. we brought great gear with us. i walk 2 hours a day.
warm today, 10 above!

thanks for the support!


What a beautiful family!!!! Congrats on making it "official!" You all look so happy! I'm sure you can't wait to get him HOME!

Re: Congratulations!

hey pratt!!!
welcome aboard, what a wild ride.
yes, can't wait to get home but we're havin' a ball here too.
housekeeper doing laundry, driver, no work..........
home will be a reality check.
miss the puppies.