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February 2012

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need a favor:
we need one XL calgary flames sweatshirt/jersey/cap anything for our driver. someone step up and let me know.
will get you an address to ship via DHL. it's important and payback will be handsome!


Even though that was Martin St. Louis' rookie team, I don't think I can call in any favors :) I can surf the net for you though...I'll let you know what I come up with.
hi lisa,
no one is stepping up so far. do need it.
make gib crazy with it, old beau stuff.

do what you can........thanks.
we love you!


Hi from Linda

I called 4 sports stores in the Palisades Center mall - no one has anything. Joe found a link thru NHL.com. Guess they wouldn't deliver to Kaz? I can have it sent to me, then send it to you. I'll send an email with the link.


Re: Hi from Linda

hi lin,
i think lisa has got this under control. touch base with her.
thanks for the efforts. i will look at the site when i have a minute.
dial up is a bore for surfing though! and i've got tons of replying to do.



You're not going to believe this- i just went on the NHL website and had no idea that my friend kurt who is GM for the Calgary Roughnecks is in the same arena as the Flame. I'm waiting to hear, i sent him an e-mail this morning.

Any favorite player???

Re: Calgary

Any Russian player would be great! Who are you??


Re: Calgary

It's me Claude- sorry i thought you could see my e-mail address.

I should be hearing from Kurt today, he's been on the road according to the website.

I'll keep you posted.

claude- one happy STEELER fan!!!