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February 2012

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Dylan - Exploring His New World - Literally!

Dylan can't BELIEVE how far away his new home is! He promised to be a perfect angel on the 20+ hour journey home. Said he might read a few books, take in a movie, do some napping.......



From the looks of the amount of gear in these pictures, you might consider UPS ing it home so all you have to lug is Dylan. After 20 hours he is going to get heavy. I'm serious . There is service there and it might cost a few shecles but in the end might be worth it.

Little darling looks very happy. I know I.m glad to see there's more to life in Kaz than those tiled walls.


Re: ups

my guess is dougdad is already scheming to leave everything there but the baby and janet! sally

Re: ups

You.re probably right Sally. Maybe that's why we never see Dylan in the same outfit twice. He wears them and Doug throws them out.

Re: ups

janet here, yes, i'm checking the local dumpster each day to make sure doug isn't throwing out precious dylan outfits!



i was speaking with your folks today and dad provided the link so that i could see the new addition to the family - he is quite a handsome lad and already an avid sports fan - just plain luck or did you specify a beautiful child with a wonderful personality, and a preference for american 'football'?...seems like both parents are as enthused as baby d and taking very naturally to parenthood - so congratulations and we are looking forward to meeting your bundle of love when you return stateside...
enjoy each other,
george and phyllis

Re: congrats!

wow!- what a nice surprise, thanks guys.
what a long strange trip it's been. don't know what you know, but they do things a little differently here in kazahkstan. our adoption process has been interesting! ask roy for details if needed.
as for the prize, well the pics tell a lot but not all.
just plain luck, good hearts, good mojo, good somethin' cause dylan is just great.
taking to parenthood was easy, we waited long enough!! seen way too many kids grow up already from the sidelines, time to get in the game.
nice to hear from you.


ho, ho, ho

Do you have that promise in writing...........
signed: Judge Judy