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February 2012

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first significant snowfall today on superbowl monday morning. -5 C with about 10 inches of the lightest, softest fluff. steelers just won! claude way to go.

i will get out in the snow as soon as mom wakes up. should make for some inetresting pics.

anybody notice how my replies on the journal have dropped off dramatically since dylan came home?? go figure........
will try to catch up today.



slow down

yup..we noticed...by chance did you notice OUR comments dropped off on super bowl sunday!


early, but not the earliest!!

Someone beat me to the early relpy!! Thought I would get there 1st on the Monday morning after the superbowl!

What is Dylan's birthday? Sounds like it is right near mine!

The home comments are just great! What is the latest date for coming "home"? We are all in love with him already! Riley and I are already working on sending you two out to dinner so we can babysit! I'm sure you two could go out every single night for 2 years and have people willing to take him!! But remember family first!!! Speaking of family has mom seen any pictures or written you at all?

You better start showing him some big doggie movies before he gets home! Those two must miss you guys!!! Keep us posted on your timing please!!

Have fun in the snow and send some our way please! Did you ever get a baby backpack?


Re: early, but not the earliest!!

hi cress,
dylan was born on the 4th of july. i know you were busy on thanksgiving but jeeez!
you got a babysitting gig when you're ready.
got baby backpack with us.
trip home is pushed back a bit, not exactly sure yet. waiting for an e-mail from law firm.
you'll know when we know.
thanks for all the posts!


Hi from Linda

Hey...I put like 5 comments out there, plus an email to you...so I'm doing MY part. Is this journal getting to be a pain yet - feel the pressure to post cute pics and fun comments? We understand if we now take the back seat to Dylan - he deserves your time!

I was the only person in America not glued to the TV yesterday. Went out to pick up dinner (lovely Kentucky fried chicken) and the roads were empty.

Enjoy the snow! Did you pack a sled in one of those suitcases? Wouldn't be surprised...


Re: Hi from Linda

hi linda,
your posts are still appreciated! just a little behind. you can't imagine what it's like with 2 kids running around!!
snicker, snicker.
KFC sounds great right now. the food is good here but never really great. (like KFC)