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February 2012

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our first few days as full-time parents, you know 24/7, have been great!
dylan is so wide eyed and amazed with his new surroundings. can you imagine what must be racing through his peanut brain. he’s never been out of the one building.
he is adjusting VERY well.
he is perfectly content to just chill by himself (something he knows all too well from his previous life!) or interact with anyone that will. he enjoys noise toys and balls the best so far.

he’s been sleeping great. last night was down at 8:30 and up at 6:00, can’t ask for much more than that! naps plenty during the day. eats very well. small adjustment period to the non-hospital nipples. the one’s he was used to were really fast flow. think bottle feeding a calf at the zoo. we’ve had to make “fast’” nipples faster. no biggie.

today the three of us laid on our backs on our queen bed, him in the middle and he put one hand on my cheek and one on janet’s and rolled his head alternatively to gaze at us......
could have stayed all day



8:30-6?!?!?!?!? WHAT!!!!!!! im sending charlotte over there for some lessons!...she went down last night at 10:30ish...in our bed...transfrerred at 11, and at 2:30 was standing up in her crib yelling, not crying, and shaking the bars like it was a prison riot...you're lucky!!!!!

i know that feeling of just laying around and looking at each other, its so awesome and it does feel like you could do it forever....do you remember what you ever did before? its so nice seeing you guys together, now just add in two big fat dogs and away you go!
we love you guys and cant wait to hug dylan!!!! (YOU TOO!)


Beautiful babies and beautiful thoughts. What a thrill it must be to go from 2 hours at the hospital to full-time at 'home'. And those sleeping hours !!!! What a deal. Dylan is truly a PRIZE -- in so many ways. Kind of makes missing Superbowl almost insignificant. And how did Dylan get so into balls so quickly? Must be osmosis !!!!Next 3 weeks are really going to drag. But we are looking to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hugs and kisses to the beloved trio from Nana and Pa.


You all look like new people. What a difference a few days make. You are lucccckkky about the sleeping thing- can't imagine the mental exhaustion that you must have been suffering and then to have a fussy baby - looks like you have already won the superbowl. I hope this weather holds out for Dylan, he will probably step off that plane and already think he is in Disney.Let us all know what is in store, when you comming home etc. Miss you - The Medeiros Family