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February 2012

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Bikes & Beds & Slides & Swings!

Today was very exciting at the Baby House! we managed to figure out a way to get a pretty large indoor playset all the way from Kokshetau to Shchuchinsk! Doug and Dylan had to stay behind in order for the toys to fit in the car. As you can see, the kids LOVED it! They helped me (Janet) put it together and were SO proud. All the caregivers and even the very stoic babyhouse director came to the playroom for a look - smiles everywhere!!

Tomorrow I'm off to find more gifts for the babies. A family who previously adopted from this babyhouse has made a generous contribution earmarked for the youngest residents of the orphanage. I'll be searching for mobiles, rattles, mirrors, crib toys, high chairs and changing tables for the infant rooms!


What a difference

Bikes and Beds has really changed the life of these kids. It's amazing what you've orchestrated. It must be fun to be out and about shopping with such purpose and able to make such a different in the lives of so many kids. The looks on the kids faces tells it all. Great work!


lots of joy

we are all sharing in the happiness...what a wonderful gift your co-workers and friends provided for all these children...its wonderful to see all these smiles.....sally


You certainly have found your calling! What a difference you are making over there, in many many ways! Did not know you were an artist too! You must save some of you drawings of your house for Cole. Does he know how neat his gararge is?? Wait until he comes to visit us and sees Uncle Dan's garage! Yikes!!



today brought the tears

Janet and Doug,
You two are the most incredible, caring, wonderful, amazing people I know. My tears are not stopping as I look at how much you have done and continue to do for these children. You are selfless, kind, generous, motivated and simply put ONE CLASS ACT!! I have the utmost respect for you, thank you so much for doing all of these wonderful things for the kids. It is an honor and pleasure to know you! I know that what you give will come back in 10 fold, because you deserve it - bells are ringing, because you have earned your wings on this trip - you are certainly the angels these children needed in their life. Your actions now are making lifelong impressions and impacts, thank you for such beautiful work. Its stunning.

All my love,Colene


ps.. using your pics and spreading the word!!


From Linda

Wow...what a difference for these kids! You brought a lot of smiles and happiness to some very deserving children. Every day must be like Christmas for them when you walk in...this playset is great cuz they can use it year round - what a tremendous find!

I do admire your engineering skills - putting this together with instructions that were probably in Russian. I'll never complain about Ikea's little Swedish stick people again!

See you soon!