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February 2012

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Sex and the Kokshetau City

ok ladies (obviously janet here :))
i've met the kaz equivalent of MR BIG!! it was actually unbelievable. here we were at our usual table for 3 at our favorite restaurant around the corner and suddenly a very hot, man with presence shows up at the table next to ours. he has a small entourage of men but it's the amazing nonstop stream of women who come by to meet him that intrigues us. as soon as he hears our english he is completely curious. he speaks a few words, relies on one of his entourage to interpret and soon enough we're at his table drinking shots and for dylan, eating super duper butterscotch sundaes. there were no less than 8 women at the table next to ours just "waiting in the wings" for his attention. for some reason he loved "jack" (doug), "jane" (janet) and "deeeelon". i asked the one woman who seemed to understand a bit of english if she knew "sex and the city" since it was playing in russian down the street but it was all lost on them....

janine - you'll enjoy the fact that after 4 shots i said i needed to take a break and "mr big's" answer was to hand me a piece of beef tongue to take the edge off....



From Linda

Hmmm...if you squint REAL hard, and drink LOTS of shots...maybe there's a TINY bit of resemblance...I assume you mean the guy with his hand on the girl, right?

I'm sorry, but the on-deck circle of girls looks a bit scarey. Maybe its the glassy eyes...you sure they weren't job applicants and Mr. BIG isn't really Mr. PIMP?



Re: From Linda

my thoughts exactly !!! its amazing how this subject brought out emails from all the GIRLS sally

Mr Big

Janet, where exactly is your hand that isn't holding Dylan?


I am on my way over...pass the beef tongue


Great to have you back on line--with a vengence. Brilliant combination of Kokshetau "high society", the "galloping gourmet" (mouth watering spread; food practically jumps-out at you); saturday sports; and, best of all, "My Two Grandsons" Love Janet as Madam Butterfly!
Excellent story about Vova-know much about his natural parents who named him that??! What were they thinking?? Very funny. The stories keep getting better. We leave for Tunisia tomorrow and we'll definately be checking the live journal from there.
ok- for those that don't know gabby, she's not blonde!

gab, i think his bio mom probably wasn't aware he'd be living in old greenwich.

have a great trip to tunisia!! i'll need to hear more about it please......

p.s. sorry blondes.


Ha Ha Ha

A Kazak version of Mr. Big really? I couldn't imagine trying to translate Manolo Blahnik!
Looks like a fun night all around.

Lisa C.
I love the "vulva" story!