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February 2012

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mon-gal is charcoal in russian

i saw a bbq grill in the store last week. great weather, nice yard, light till 10 pm lots of adopters in town = bbq at the cottage!! i invited everyone for saturday night. one small hitch..........no charcoal.
i've asked around and looked around with no luck.
i asked our interpreter and she asked our driver and said: "nursoltan has some but it's broken" HUH?
i asked oleg but he couldn't tell me where to buy it.
last night i went to the expert, the grill guy at our restaurant. you've seen pix.
i took my russian dictionary and asked him where to find some......"petropalsk".
a town far a way, none in kokshetau. rats!
i saw this bag in his work area and made him an offer he couldn't refuse..............we're all set for summer!
susan and vicki and deb and terry and rene and eric and jon and angie and inna and oleg and makhabbat and nursoltan will come.



Oh Man!

Somebody mentioned to me that you guys were on your way back over there -- I'm SOOO jealous!! Please tell everyone (Oleg & family, Inna, Natalia, Luba) that the Metz family says hi!!! We miss all if them and think of them all the time!

Congrats on your newest family member -- he's a doll -- they both are! You're going to have your hands full!!

Kristi Metz
mom to Jackson & Ethen
and the "original" owner of the famous red Kokshetau snowsuit!


Congratulations! ...and DougDad is the MAN!

I'm so glad to hear you guys are back in town!! Ann gave me the good news when neither of you responded to my summer party invite, I knew something was up! Dylan has gotten so big and Cole is just adorable! We saw Kaz in summer and winter, too - what a difference, huh? I wish I was going to your bbq on Saturday, DougDad you are the MAN, always hooking up. If you guys are back by 8/16 and up to it, I hope you can make the drive to RI and introduce us to Cole and share your story "Part Deux" (no mon-gal needed). Congrats from the Menard Family! You are so lucky!! All our best, Michelle Menard & the gang

Re: Congratulations! ...and DougDad is the MAN!

hi michelle,
SO glad you're aboard. how did you send invites? i am seeing e-mail.

thanks for the kind words.
You're sporting quite the "Kaz" tan there, lucky you're having such beautiful weather, perfect for your new bbq-have fun!!
Will you be grilling up some horse steaks? They'd probably go well with that yak(???)milk Cole loves so much.


from my reading "Apples are from Kazakhstan" (a must-read) mares milk is very popular-- goes with the horse steaks (note: Dan M.)
i'm reading it too!!! great read.
how did you find it?