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February 2012

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lookin' like a real family finally....



Yes and...

lookin' like a real HAPPY family finally...



YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh; relief!!
A VERY happy family :)
too cute!!
Kim Bush


You three were meant to be! You absolutely glow with love! It's sooo cool! Thank you for sharing these precious times with us. Some of us may have been quiet observers, but we're livin' and lovin' with you guys everyday. Family puts all of life's moments into perspective in an instant; you get it, you've got it and life will forever be different in so many great ways. God bless you guys! We can't wait to see The Man! Peace up! love, dan
hey dan,
this gig rocks!! thanks for the support, can't wait for to meet the little feller.
what a trip, wait till you hear all the details.
as janet said all along "keep your eye on the prize"
and what a prize it is!!



you've started the pictures.....thought you might be too tired..so i went about my merry way....but i underestimated you two....pictures are sooooooooo sweet.....i'm in love.....ssmt


Congrats to Mommy and Daddy! I never had a doubt you would get Dylan...the way the three of you smile at each other makes it obvious you were meant to be a family! :-) proof that dreams do come true...this journal is my daily dose of "feel good"!
Miss you


hello from greenwich

hi friends-
Its TK...we heard the good news and are soooo excited. When you get a final ETA back to the states..let us know, I will keep checking here..
The weather will be much better here when u get back..Ker and I are also planning our St Pats pre-parade party on March 12th..hopefully u will be able to make it...we miss you and can't wait to meet Dylan..xoxo TK



Congratulations!!! What a great picture.
I am so happy for all of you. Hurry Home.
Lots of love,


You guys look FAB-BOUL-OUS can't wait to share some wine and/or formula with you three ....
Love from the Gerin



Sorry we are writing late, we just got the site - We are so happy to see how happy you all are!

We are very happy for you and your family - You guys will be great parents
The Scarano Family