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February 2012

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dylan and mommykat

getting some computer time. the kaz skeeters sure had their way with dylan yesterday!

cole got a very poor report card yesterday. he has been a holy terror when we're not around. the care givers have seen this over and over. when a child is bonding with his/her new parents they start to feel empowered and start acting up. as if the baby house rules don't apply any more. we've been asked to step up the discipline. things will start to get interesting............gonna have to learn more than "nyet".

we will leave dylan behind today with susan. she has visited her twins already today and her husband brent flew out yesterday. it should be a nice afternoon for them.
we will have some one on one time with cole and our interpreter and start to lay down the law.

will report back later.



love this picture !

just how BIG are those skeeters ! that's not a good testimonial to your bug spray... ha,ha and just what are those rules...good luck. happy fathers day,doug...have a great one !!!!!gram

Poor Dylan....

and you guys! I am itchy just looking at him :( Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you!! Good luck. Is your camera working again?? It doesn't seem like we're missing many pictures. It's so much fun to check up on everybody and get the rundown on what you're up to. It was thrilling to follow along the first time with Dylan, but I have to admit that I'm getting such a kick out of seeing the bigger kids and all of the interaction - they look like they're having so much fun! Doug's birthday and Father's Day with BOTH boys - how lucky are you??!!