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February 2012

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Bikes & Beds

We brought our first small donation to the babyhouse today. Yesterday we noticed the kids didn't have any toys to play with in the sandbox so we found some trucks, buckets, shovels, boats etc. at a local store and brought them along. What a blast! The kids from several groups all enjoyed the new toys and particularly liked the crane. We were very proud of Dylan as he helped us shop and was fine handing them all over (even the big dump truck that he became VERY fond of from the time we bought the toys until the time we got to the babyhouse).

On a much larger scale, a local carpenter is coming to the babyhouse over the weekend to take measurements in order to build a new play area for the kids indoors with the money we raised. We also met with the head of the children's hospital where Dylan lived and have asked her to make a list of items they are in need of. I'm thinking we will probably buy new cribs as theirs are in disrepair. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the fundraiser! We were amazed at the huge outpouring of support and generosity!!



Miss you guys!

Well- it's Friday afternoon and once again we're heading into another weekend with the "GarWell's" not in town. So happy to follow along on your journey and see and feel the incredible love and bonding that is taking place!

Thanks for putting in all the time and sharing it with us!

Thinking of you all and we'll be raising our sangria to you tomorrow!

Love- Claude

Re: Miss you guys!

thanks claude!
great things happening here. where will you have sangria tomorrow?


Cottage Alumni

Hello! My apologies for lurking! I just had to comment and say thank you for the memories!! We spent six wonderful weeks at the cottage and did the drive to Schuchinsk to adopt our little Colin Galym back in July/August 2004. We left a piece of our hearts there!! So wonderful to see the pictures. . . we did our own little "Playground Project" with our travel mates - Is the tire swing still in the corner of the bigger playground, by the two story playhouse? It is great to see SAND in the sandbox! We tried to buy new sand and coordinate a delivery but couldn't make it happen. . . we also bought trucks and sand toys for the kids and we all just stood there and cried when the kids saw them on the playground! once you meet these kids you just want to do more for them!! PLEASE find out what they need. . .I recall the director at the time asking for infaltable swimming pools? We would be more than happy to send them a big box full! by the way, the two girls in this picture are wearing little hats that I sent in a care package to the babyhouse almost three years ago!!! The mailman really does make it to Schuchinsk!!!
Cole and Dylan look like they are having a great time together!!! take care and beware of those mosquitoes!!! They will eat you alive!!

The NJ Weber Family (Jean, Kirk, Colin Galym and his new baby sister Molly Aidana from Uralsk aka Henry Tarpey's girlfriend!)