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February 2012

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leaving for court in 9 minutes. very bright sunny day -5 C..........good day for getting a baby.
the crib will be full tonight!!


Don't Care What the Groundhog Said

It's Springtime in the world today, a new begining, new life sprouting. The dark days of winter are over!!!
Let us all rejoice together! as we have trully all become one congregation united in a single cause.

May all the gods that be bless your new life- Doug, Janet and Dylan

PS The first thing this kid is going to see in America is New Jeresy???


What an exciting day!!! Your lives are so blessed with such a special little boy!! We are all so happy to welcome him into our family.... wonder if he knows what he is getting himself into!!!???



gloious day

The crib awaits, the world awaits....yeah...don't forget...you promised 11,ooo pictures....you better get started...we're holding you to that...WELCOME DYLAN ! you are a blessing beyond words...a child who has fulfilled a dream....and one who is already loved by friends and family...perfect you're coming to us in the valentine month...p.s. also my birthday month!!!!!!!!!!!!! just thought i'd remind you (smile)lucky you....dylan is the best present...a grandchild.can't wait to see the filled crib.....sally

the waiting is over!!!!

How long have you been dreaming of this? Here we are all ready and waiting to experience the next chapter of your life! We can't wait to see Dylan in his new crib! We REALLY can't wait to see him on Old Wagon Rd! What do you think he'll make of all those frogs? I can see you walking to school already! Big Hug to you all! barbara


cant stand it anymore...charlotte and i were chcking at 3am (she still doesnt sleep through the night, does dylan? you'll find out tonight!!!!!!)we are overcome with the gift of life coming your way today...its a blessing like no other...much love to all 3 of you and get that baby home!!!!
ps...he's gonna love tuck and mattie!


Hi Janet,
Can't wait to see little Dylan sleeping in that crib. Good Luck today.



Waiting intensely!

Clara and I are checking your website every 10 minutes for an update! We can't wait for the news of Dylan's trip to the Cottage and your first shots as a family. All the waiting and the uncertainty and the angst will be worth it!



All the good karma is too strong now. A good day for getting a baby indeed. Kelly And I are constantly thinking about you guys. Please start posting those new pictures soon.




A long and somewhat painful journey reaches a very major milestone. From here on its mostly over-the-hump time. AND you face it as a family. God bless and God speed Janet, Doug, AND our precious, new grandson.