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February 2012

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very small crisis

my digital camera battery won't take a charge. i may have fried the charger/battery in a strange outlet. holton?
can't imagine what else it could be. and my type of battery is unavailable here.
anyway i've purchased a new battery and charger online and shipped them to susan's (roomie) mom in st. louis.
she will arrive here on (our) tuesday.
you may have to exist on some silly commentary for a few days..........so sorry!



From Linda

Oh no...how to survive without my daily fix of Kaz pics? This is the first place I go when I sign on in the AM. OK, you'd better provide some witty commentary here, buddy!

So has Cole said any English words? Does Dylan get to visit every day? Just where exactly did that GIANT tiger come from and will he fit in my car on the way home from JFK?? Do the market ladies remember you, and who was the shish kabob guy?

That's it for now...more of 20 Questions tomorrow.

Take care...

Re: From Linda

market ladies remember me well. i printed a picture from our last trip with a woman holding baby dylan.
i brought it along with dylan and gave it to the woman. THEY ALL WENT BERSERK!
showered him with fruit and cookies and made a HUGE fuss. very fun.
cole has zero english, he only repeats. a little frustrating so far.
i think i've sorted out the camera provolone.
the tiger stays at the baby house, no worries there.