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February 2012

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dylan and co. are sooooo tired of this baby room.


Wait till he sees his room on Old Wagon!!

What a &^%$%^ morning for me not to have a computer - I checked the journal at 1am - nothing.... had no computer this morning but called Janice at 8am - she checked - read it and we cried for joy - literally! Colin and I danced around then I called Paul, Lisa, Brian, Sally, people who did not know who I was or what I was talking about but I felt I had to tell them anyway.
HAPPY ???? Happy is not even close to how I feel for you both - I speak for many people when I say that this journey has affected us all in many ways, most of all this wonderful feeling of joy and that prayers really do work.
hugs to all of you

Re: Wait till he sees his room on Old Wagon!!

the out pouring of emotions has been staggering! i have 59 e-mails to answer this morning.
today needs to sail by and we'll have made great strides.

won't sleep the whole night till we land in newark and have dylies passport stamped!


sleepy time

what a wonderful thing to hold him now and know it will soon be forever! you have a whole world waiting for your return....most of us are sleepy too...lots of energy spent worrying and hoping the last few days...but worth every moment...can't wait to see you all TOGETHER....bring on the pictures!!!!!! ssmt

Re: sleepy time

you have been wonderful to have on board!
we'll be back later.