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February 2012

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what’s this??!! do i see something down there? is that some light at the end of the tunnel?

we all awoke this morning feeling encouraged that we would get a call and go to court today.
when inna arrives she tells us that her best information is that it will be tomorrow at 2:30.
so much for our encourgament........roller-coaster remember?

we start our visit with dylan with long faces.
no inna the whole time, unusual. she likes to hang out with us.
1:15 into the 2 hours she stops in. this is a different inna. bubbly, smiley, upbeater than lately.
she had been visiting with our facilitator and it’s nothing but good news! she says both children will be granted tomorrow!!!!!!!!
the judge adored us. she said she “felt like a cold hearted monster” sending us away without a ruling. her strings are being pulled by above. the judge said she “couldn’t look the dad in the eye” because she felt so badly. she loved the photo album we presented her.

tomorrow, with any luck you will see photos (11,000,000 of ’em!!) of dylan NOT in the baby house.

THANKS in advance!!!!!
everyone that signed on, everyone that lurked, everyone that cared. and the special inner circle that are a support group like no other!! you all rock, now we roll.



Breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!!! Not as big as you are I'm sure. There is no way that judge couldn't have melted with you two, and Dylan for sure. What a story this kid will have when he is older!

We couldn't be happier for you, the two most deserving people EVER! Janet, do think Dylan's nurse will give you guys a massage?? I think you need it...or a drink :) Congratulations! We love you, and will be wildly celebrating Dylan Charles Garofalo Day at JFK!!!


hey lisa!!
are you ever off our journal? thanks.
still some details but looking good.
they even took dylies passport pic today!
it's not jfk, it's newark. my fault


Did you ever doubt that every person you know wouldn't be logged on this morning, anxiously awaiting any morsel of news from you ??? :)

And the answer to your question is "no", it's my addiction. Can't help it. I guess I'll just have to stop by the house everyday to get my fix when you get home :)
Your experience has been shake, rattle and roll, in addition to rock and roll. Dylan will be rolling on the lawn in ct at the Easter egg hunt. Good going guys!
hi liz,
sounds good for a change!! still not signed on the dotted line but inna was elated today.
easter egg hunt sounds so alien right now but your right!


Great news. Can't stop thinking of you guys. Please come home soon- I check this journal all day for a ray of good news. My co-workers are beginning to think I have a heart! Roll on home soon.
The Medeiros Family
thanks guys!
if anyone really thinks you have a heart tell them to contact me. i know better!
really, notes from help our day in a million ways.


YES!! How exciting -

All of those good thoughts WORK!! YEAHHHHH!
So happy for you guys . . .
Kim & Dave


This is the most wonderful news. I can't wait to see Dylan in the cottage..I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to give you two a hug. You both deserve one after all that you have been through.


can't you do any better?
thanks janice!! what an adventure!

can't wait for you to meet him.
newark not jfk, date may change.


A new day does bring a promise,,,,we ALL believed this adventure had to have a very happy conclusion...but we sure could have done without the big pothole in the road !!!!!!! ssmt


joyous from the store

i came in early today to check your site and i'm soooo glad i did. tears in my eyes like you can't believe!!! all the love in the world to you, dylan and all the good people there who've been such a help. hope to see you sooner than later.

Re: joyous from the store

hi diane,
thanks so much for the love.
notes from home are such good medicine!
this has been an awesome ride.
you know how intense i get at work when there are hiccups, WOW- the last week!
maybe it's winding down........


What AWESOME news!!! Truly over the moon thrilled for you all!!Keeping it real right up to the last second! You guys are a beautiful family and there is no doubt that judge couldn't see and feel it - just being in the same room. We are all feeling it some thousands of miles away!! Looking so foward to the post that he is on his way home finally!!! Major hugs to you all!!

~Jordan Family
great stuff melissa and co.,
thanks a million! i've got too much mail to answer this mornin', gotta run.


Couldn't be happier!!!

You will have such fun discovering him all on your own! The moment you step out of the maternity hospital with him, all bundled up and I mean really bundled up, will be a moment you can't quite remember, but won't ever forget!

Looking forward to ALL THOSE PHOTOS!

Wooooohooooo! Great news. Spencer is psyched as are we. This calls for a celebration. See if you can find A Smith & Wollensky other there and tell them you know Gibby! No Smiths? Maybe Luger's has an Eastern outpost? What a tremendous day for the Garafalo's!

Keep the good news comin'

hey stu,
thanks for all the energy!
this has been one wild ride.
no smiths, no lugers but i did buy some monster steaks yesterday.
we see tonite how kaz beef stacks up.

see at newark international! date may be pushed back now, stay tuned.


Hi from Linda...

We are so, so, SOOOOOOO happy for you guys. A lot of people lost a lot of sleep thinking of you all I'm sure. The pictures of all of you are just great, and what an excellent idea to show them to the judge. Can't wait to hear its official and you have a date to come home. Keep enjoying him and planning for your return...the worst is over!


Re: Hi from Linda...

thanks lin,
our date home always was feb. 22nd.
may be pushed back a few days, we'll let everyone know ASAP.
newark international, i wrongly said jfk a few times.

oh baby!!!!!

i knew it...there is no other people on this planet that were meant to be that baby's parents but you...every judge could see that!! we want to go to newark if we can....when?!!!! please let us know...i need to see that baby with his mommy and daddy!!! by the way...i hope dylan looks better in his passport than me and pete!

Re: oh baby!!!!!

our original date home was feb 22nd at newark, may have to be pushed a few days after all this fun in the sun.
we'll let you know.
you're words and support have been amazing.
of course he will look better in his passport, he's better looking to begin with!!!!!!!!


What great news !! And certainly deserved, after all the agonizing moments of the past few days. Wonderful job of maintaining your cool under all that tension; shows what kind of stuff you are made of. You may have undergone the worst crisis of your life-- and emerged the better for it!! Lots o9f love and many kisses from Pa to the happy family (sounds like an item in a chinese restaurant).
"anytime you're overwhelmed is an opportunity to grow"
a friend left me with this (i know you're out there) before we left.
remember the grinchs heart at the end!!!??

ours are bigger!


I am so happy

I could cry. Wait I am crying!! Wonderful news.
You deserve it. Old Wagon Road will never be the same. Hooray for that. I will be sure to spread the great news to the Gerins and Whitefords.

When can you all come home? Sooner than planned?
Enjoy your little boy.
Much love,

Re: I am so happy

thanks lisa,
thanks for stickin' it out with us. little more to go.
not sooner, maybe a few days later after all this.
was supposed to be feb 22nd at newark. possibly still but not sure.
if all so perfectly today we are required to stay in kokshetau for 15 days after.