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February 2012

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court went well. both our speeches were well received and inna says everything was spot on.

judge closes with "you will hear in a day maybe 2"

we're speechless.

maybe not so speechless at dugwine@aol.com..........try it.



I'm speechless too...and you know that's pretty unusual for me (smile) ok...ok that only lasted for a minute!!!!!! disappointing to say the least ...positive thoughts are speeding across the waves or whatever email travells on! love you guys ssmt


Hang in there!

You guys have done an amazing job hanging on through all this. I know you can keep it up and outwait this judge! And you have the support of EVERYONE over here (even some folks you don't know that have heard about your story!). You deserve this and it will happen.

Love, Ann


Hi Janet and Doug,
Are you kidding me!!!!!! Hang in there!!!! I know easier said then done. I am sure that they will let you adopt little Dylan, just wait them out! Be strong and know that our love, thoughts and prayers go out to you. Put on a smile and go hug and kiss that little boy for all of us that can't wait to meet him!!

Hang in there, we are all pulling for you, IT WILL HAPPEN!!

Bets regards,
thanks jennifer!
is this masi or o'brien?
all the love from home tastes great.



Doug and Janet,

I've been following your blog as we also adopted from Kokshetau this past summer (Janet, you and I exchanged a few emails about it a few months ago). Dylan is in the same room that our Jack was in and we were also in the Cottage. So following your journey has been a real deja vu for us.

But, when I read your post this morning I dropped my jaw. Did Inna provide any explanation? I'm wondering if this is the new process because the country is getting a lot more stern around foreign adoptions. We have friends who just adopted from Esik and they were the first family not to get immediate execution (the ability to return to the US with your child right after court). I am so sorry you were surprised with this. We are thinking of you and will be cheering big cheers when you get your final approval from the Court. (It will happen!). All the best to you, Jenny Cunningham


crazy judges

i'm heart broken for you guys but i know in my heart this will all work out. if there's anything to the power of positive thinking, hordes of people are sending good thoughts your way. as a matter of fact we'll all sit and do a chant for you today.

Re: crazy judges

hi di,
i know your good heart is with us!
thanks for following along.
what's for lunch?

Re: crazy judges

Christen says crazy judges

Re: crazy judges

thanks plaza!
we got a call from inna at 8:30 last night.
"we will get news at 1:00 today"

Pins and needles.

I didn't realize that any of the judges would take a few days to make a decision.


Many prayers for a positive decision and a speedy return!
Ok now I am getting PISSED...I am about to pack up the whole commune and come over there and stage a damn sit out or hunger strike - enough is enough.
love us...
you'll get him...i know it....how is baby feeling today anyway?...love jen
baby is feeling better thanks.
not perfect but better.
parents are a little edgy....tempers in the cottage flare.
we will hear something mure today at 1:00


ok guys. ...almost time to wake up..it's nite here and all of us have spent the day thinking about you and saying a lot of prayers..it's a new day there........with each new day....,there are new promises.....and we all hope that you will hear good news...and as soon as you get GOOD news we will feel good all over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


were saying a prayer for you guys... cant wait to meet cousin dylan... but we may have to discus his choices in sports... i see a football player. hope all is well, cant wait to see you guys.


Last comment was from Danny - forgot to sign his name.... our prayers our with you! Know all will be all ok... have never seen so many smiles from a baby, and have had 4!!!!! Gald to hear you will be coming home soon, let us know the details.... would LOVE to be there!!!

cress and company


Sending prayers

Rob and I are praying for you - and extra hard at 11:00pm in California as I think that translates to 1:00pm in Kaz.
Maxim's mommy-to-be


that time difference is a bear tonight...we've taken a poll....1 hand and 3 paws voted to try and get some sleep....we all said our prayers before bed...and now we will join with everyone else in the belief that this day will fulfill your greatest desire and dream...love,hugs and licks SSMT