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February 2012

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dylan's ready (he thinks)

we fly out tuesday at 4:00.
please check in often. it's good medicine for us.



Well, at least one of you is ready...

I'm so excited for you guys! And jealous! Have a great trip!

Love, Ann & Clara
thanks ann!
here we go again........so cool


Farewell my friend!!

Farewell.... good luck and best wishes!!!
Praying for you, Janet and Dylan!!
Always and forever,


from Linda

And so Chapter 2 begins...Dylan looked so cute as you wheeled him away through the doors of the airport. Wish I could have gotten a picture of that for you. Its 10:30 AM on Wed. now, so I guess you're at least half way there...I was hoping maybe you'd check in in Frankfurt, but you were all probably pretty tired.

Best of luck with the rest of your journey...can't wait to hear how your first meeting with Cole goes. Take lots of pictures!!!

Take care,


Looking forward to checking in on your latest adventure and seeing pictures of Dylan with his new sibling!! And you all as a family! :)

Good luck and wishing you a quick and easy time!!

Take care,
Melissa J.

didn't have email for you.......

hey m'lis,
soooo glad you're clued in, thanks.
almaty kazakhstan as i type. 2 am local time. fly to kokshetau tomorrow.
stay tuned..........
Welcome back to Kaz. Memories are flooding back as I think of your return. We're so excited for you and at least a couple of us are jealous :) Enjoy your time with Cole and your "vacation" away from home with no worries.
Paka paka,
Julie & Elena


Welcome Back to Kaz!

Hey Guys! Welcome! We hope to see you soon!!

Alison, Jeff and Jack (and Ava)
chilling in Petropavlovsk, KZ



Hope all is going well...Phoe wrote Dylan the cutest card, saying you must be so happy that you are getting a new brother! She CAN write, we were getting a bit worried, number 4 we forget we have to teach her things!!

How does D like his new digs? Is it the same area you guys were before?




9 comments already !....your support team is in place......hope you finally got some sleep!!!!!!!!you are in my thoughts every minute..love you grandma


If it's Thursday here, what day is it there? Is Dylan as confused as I am? Seriously now.

Re: Thursday

10 pm here on thursday night. still a little light out. 95 in almaty today, 60 in kokshetau.
settling into the cottage just now. long, LONG 3 days of travel.
dylan was unbelievably composed the whole time.
as we settle in jet lag will creep in and mess us all up i bet......