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February 2012

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all right folks.....IT'S GO TIME!!
9:30 am wednesday our time (10:30 pm tuesday for you) is court.
my speech is set and good, janet's isn't called "a speech" but it's very good too.
re-focus, re-load, re-up, re-pray, re-peat all the good stuff you brought to the table for pre-court!!
calling in all favors........
with all the good, big, loving hearts in our life we will prevail!


It's a done deal! Stop biting you fingers Doug.

See the three of you at the end of the month.
you rock my world!!

can you even fathom all this?.........


Hi from Linda

Just don't wear those silly shoes to court and you'll do fine.

Tell Janet to lay off the chicken dance too.

You guys will do GREAT...can't wait to see pictures of Dylan rolling around the floor of the cottage. As someonme else said, we're getting tired of the white tiles and floral curtains. You guys will have a blast taking him out on your own - just bundle him up good!!!

Best of luck and try not to be too nervous (I know - that's easy for ME to say way over here in CT!).

Take care...

Re: Hi from Linda

linda you've been great!
millions of others to answer tonight also.
thanks and tell the boys to dial in......


if it's go time...get going....all our BIG hearts and prayers our with you and if it wasn't soooo darn COLD and EXPENSIVE we'd ALL be there too !good vibes...bring it on....we are ready....give us the DYLAN love: the pest sasha, best buddie tucker,sweetie maddie, and dog sitter and waiting grandma..sally
sweetest post yet!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!
focus now..........
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stewart, Janice, Spencer and Cooper Campbell.
rock on!!!!!
with your help we roll, thanks..........


Loving thoughts and prayers are with you all today.
Go get him! (literally)

Lisa and Guy-Rene



Congrats on the court date!! Will Dylan get to come back to the cottage with you??
Kim Bush

Re: YEAHH!!!!!!!

he will come back finally!!
thanks for the note.
keep the faith.
do you remember before you left i said to you that you will feel such love you didn't even know it existed....well you are a goner!!! and the pictures show it all. don't worry about court you will all be coming home soon!


thanks donna!
can't believe the number of journals and e-mails this morning.
it's awesome...........


Full steam ahead, it's all down hill from here!!! Best of luck and I can't wait to see pictures of Dylan with Mom and Dad at *home* where he belongs!!

Remember to breath!! Thinking positive thoughts and sending the vibes!!

xo, The Jordan Family


Good Luck !!! be yourself, good thing you went to the museum that day, that's the judge's robe you were looking at through the glass. Hope he/she leave the axe behind. All the best


You guys will know this out of the park!

Dylan is wonderfully lucky to have such stubborn, plucky parents! The judge won't be any match for you two. I couldn't be happier! Post as soon as you get back tomorrow (tonight!) and let us know how wonderfully everything turns out and when you'll have Dylan in the cottage with you!




Re: You guys will know this out of the park!

thanks ann!
you can see all the journal entries for us, what you can't see are the e-mails this morning!
what an army of good hearts.
my heart swells and we will rule!
love you're stuff.


just about court time, Hope all goes well, our prayers are with you

Re: court

thanks man!
keep the juice comin'
spencer (and stu and janice) needs some new friends.

anxiously awaiting...

I have been counting down the hours/minutes all day long today. My computer will be on all night to make sure that I don't miss out on the latest (and greatest) news. Although I won't get any sleep tonight...hopefully you finally will, while you are craddling your son in your arms. Good luck this morning. Although we may not all be there physically, you can be sure that we are there in every other possible way.

Take a deep breath....

We love you guys!