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February 2012

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one of our favorite spots for dinner, rainbow. 5 minute walk from the cottage and they do great kabobs!
they do them out front on a wood fired grill. i will get a photo. we went when we first arrived in town but haven't had kabobs since.
too cold to have a guy out there!! we are finally approaching 0 (from below!) so last night they fired it up.
pork and chicken, highly seasoned. with flatbread, grilled onions and a nice hot sauce. just what we needed.

that's inna on the left, you know the next two, then julie our roomie, and inna's friend serge.


almost looks like home-jl's perhaps
HI LIZ!!!!!
i will e-mail you in a few minutes.
are you ever NOT on the journal??? thanks, you rock!
You guys are part of my life six days a week when you're boring. Now that things are exciting I'm dealt drips and draps in picture form. One computer at the store always has the journal on it- employees, customers and sales people have been following along. THIS IS BIG Before your heads get swollen, it's not about you> It's Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.


long walks every day, good therapy.
thought from a day or two ago.....it will never be about me again (i had a good long run) it will be about dyllie doo doo for the rest of my life!

soooo fine with it!!!!!!!!


Don't worry....if you wear those shoes when you get home....it will be about you you you!