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February 2012

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went to the hat bazaar today.
inna says i'm not allowed out alone anymore.
we thought she was hinting that someone might steal my hat.
nope.......too damn handsome in my new russian lid!!!
the women will go wild she says.


That hat and your son are definitely babe magnets. Janet- you're going to have to take over the food shopping. The women in whole foods are not going to be able to help themselves. In Croton fancy hats are a sign of poverty, no worries there.You look quite fetching in yours. The perfect answer to a bad hair day!


You two look like the catsmeow...doug definitely bought the Right one ...that other one looked like he was wearing a live animal!!!you're correct ;you look dashing in your new purchase....wise choice. the pictures of dylan still continue to delight us all...only thing better is the real thing....can't wait.ssmt
Those will be perfect for those early morning bike rides down to Upper Crust or Garden Catering. Can't wait to see them around town :)


hey doug i need one of those cool dude hats like u : henry p.s i hope it is fun out there!!! I heard the weather is tropical !!! Love, Henry


hey hen!!!!
thanks for joining in dude.
it's fun, it's cold -42C one day, it's great getting to know dylan!
see you in a few weeks.