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February 2012

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these things are GREAT!
on in 20 seconds, really well made, good tough bungee rubber, stay secure mile after mile.
perfect for the ultra, ultra hard packed snow/ice that's everywhere. very slick stuff and these just right.
the locals sort of slide/shuffle along i haul ass!
nice goin' ann for describing the surfaces.
anyone going to siberia in winter contact me! you can borrow.



Getting a bit concerned about you when you start glorifying rubber. But happy to see they make you day brighter. Glad to see your competative side is still going. Keep hauling ass! Our thoughts are with you guys.

Love the Medeiros'
hey guys!
stuff from home is precious.
need huge good thoughts................


wish I could send a picture of my new pumps hidden under the bed however I have not succumbed to taking pictures of shoes yet in my boredom -- we would rather see Dylan... or HIS shoes even!! Just joking - whatever gets you through the day!!


Live and learn

Glad I could be of assistance in designing your Antarctic wardrobe -- I wish I'd had them myself...

Although I agree photographing your shoes is an oddly disturbing trend...



what are these? i need them!

janet - i must know what these shoes are since i will most likely be in siberia very soon! living in CA or Hawaii my whole life, I need REAL shoes!

thanks for everything - and dylan is the cutest ever!

ellen in SF - you know, M's hopeful mom...


Re: what are these? i need them!

it's not about the shoes. it's the rubber strap on things with metal grippers that go on any shoes.
you strap them on and off very fast and easy and the traction afforded is terrific!
$20/pair at EMS (eastern mountain sports) go online or have mine when we're done here.



i guess I could survive there since i saw these things!!! but the temp!!1 Oh my god, you don't want to know we just returned from boarding the weekend at sunday river in 45 degrees!!! Now you know that you will do just about anything for your children!!! We LOVE the pics!!! He is sooooooo cute and I have not seen the two of you smile so much in all your young years!!!! glowing is right!!!! and it is not the cold!!! Best to all of you!!! LOVE this web-site!!!the kids are enjoying it sooo much!!

All our love and warm hugs!! 0 degrees sounds balmy!! Cressida Dan and the whole clan!!