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February 2012

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the three of us, a rarity i know.
i'm writing my speech for court while waiting for these pics to load.
if you have any good mojo left send it over.



not sure if i actually have any mojo, but its all yours if i do....good luck...we all cant wait to meet dylan in person...
thanks for the mojo!
we we ever know who sent it?


Hi, guys:

This is one good looking family destined to be together. You all look so darn happy! Believe me, it only gets better day by day, although I admit my conversation mainly consists of "green triangle," "that's mommy's pretty, pretty" and "no, that's mommy's!"

Everyone I know is sending mojo for you!



you gave us a real treat! all three in one picture!!!Now that's a FAMILY. what a wonderous adventure you've taken us all on...thank you...sc
thanks for the mojo!
we we ever know who sent it?


You don't need no stinkin' mojo

Your DougDad!

Best of luck


Re: You don't need no stinkin' mojo

Kelly is right, but back up mojo never hurt anyone.
janet! you are twinkling!!!!!!! best of luck...doug, you have everything you need now, just tell that to the judge! we lov you and keep us posted on the "gift" for your driver or whomever you need stuff for...we are so ready to meet that baby!
ps...fows baby is doing great and joan is trying her best to get better and get home...you know...baby power!


hi guys...i'm the anonymus "mojo" guy...sorry, wasn't trying to be stealth, pete and jen are here for dinner and jen slapped me into syber-sense...its brian and sarah and we are so psyched for you three...see you all soon!


hi brian and sarah,
thanks for joining along. what an adventure??!!
what did you serve for dinner?