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February 2012

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2 Men and a Yugo - the local Kaz moving company



Hi Guys, It's been a few days for me, thanks for the tour, i'm sure you will remember this trip as one of the best in your life! The meat market looks interesting, Doug I bet you can spend some time there! Dylan looks incredible and animated and very,very happy...glad to hear he has moods too. Did you ever find the eggs after Janet's performance? Too bad you didn't have your camera for that... The weather here is amazingly warm, more like october than january, I guess it will feel warm to you regardless. Would you like me to take your christmas balls/wreaths down? Anything else? Talk soon, B

Re: Awesome

thanks barb,
having poached eggs on toast this morning thanks to janet!
meat market is loads of fun for me.
we have christmas stuff still up??!! yes please.
thanks for lookin' after things.
how crazy is it that the weather in OG is as wild as here, just different?


Hello from PZ

Looks like you guys are having a great time.. See, even in the cold chill you can find great joy. It is not where you are, but where your mind is...

If you don't feel like coming back home you may be able to start up a moving bizz, looks like competition is weak..



Re: Hello from PZ

thanks for joining the event of the century!
what an adventure, off the charts.
dylan says to me the other day "you work in NY right? who is this peter zitz guy i hear about and why hasn't he seen the journal?

ooooohhhhh for a sip of good red wine.........


Hey Dog,

ok, so i finally figured out how to send you a reply. Looks cold, but fun.

when is the return date, any ideas??/ Cant wait to see the bambino in person

tell Janet we have Stephanie to take her spot, but not replace her, we know no one could. Bad news for you....your going to miss the hugest Super Bowl party....at YOUR house, sorry, but with that tv, how can we resist. Anything special you want us to have to eat and drink. Ill try to send more updates and sooner.

tell janet we are 9-12 in the second half, same old story. keep sending pics

ciao for now


Re: hello

thanks for joining the fun!
have fun in our basement, get some photos, and keep your hands off my vino!!!!!
haven't had a sip (of wine!) since we landed, ouch.
return is feb 22-ish.
self proclaimed holiday, everyone is expected at JFK!
Zee boss and I are leaving for a week of cooking gigs in the Carribean. It's difficult ... but it's part of my job. May be Dylan will join me on a cooking trip in a few year.
Stay warm .... as you visualize me in a speedo roasting away.
thanks for joining in!
what island are you going to?
have a great trip!
enough about the speedo, we just ate lunch!!!!