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February 2012

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larry, moe, and curly (and dougdad!) out for a stroll........



Janet & Doug, I'm trying to keep up with all of the happenings but today realized I'm falling behind. Dylan is cuter than ever. I can't find a favorite photo in your journal because they are all so wonderful. I'm amazed to see how much expression, personality and love he shows since your first meeting. You are terrific parents! What a wonderful life ahead for the 3 of you.
Keep the photos and comments coming. Love your travel-log with photos and enjoy visiting all the famous spots in and around the town. You may not agree, but from here, it looks a lot better than I thought it would.
Keep warm and keep smiling....Marilyn


hi marilyn!
thanks for following along. i have to admit that it's not a bad place at all. could do with a little warmer weather but all in all it's quite nice! we're having a wonderful time and can't wait to bring dylan home to meet all his fans!




the cold not withstanding, Dylan looks great! Enjoy him.

Pat Leeber

Re: congrats

hey pat,
thanks for following along.
after our visits with dylan, notes from home are the next best thing.


Hi from Linda...

Doug, you have a great flair for writing, and I love the pictures too...hope you realize you'll have to keep this up even after you come home to feed all our addictions (and combat our boredom as well). I can just see it now..."Sorry Dylan, I can't come watch your first steps...have to go update livejournal first!"


Re: Hi from Linda...

Looking forward to the journal from home....Dougdad napping on the couch...Mom changing a dirty diaper...Mom and Dougdad trying to figure out car seat...Dylan screaming in the grocery store...Sally buying earplugs...Dylan at 2a.m., 3a.m., 5a.m.,... Dylan testing out Tucker and Maddie's food for them...

OOOh, what fun!! Can't hardly wait :)