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February 2012

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12 th visit today. dylan is more thrilled than ever with his 2 goofy american playmates.
we laugh, we excersize, we do “flying baby” a real fav for all, we play with new toys everyday. i logged some good time with the video camera so you’ll all get a show at some point. i know, i know....uuuuuugggggghhhh, the 2000’s version of the old slide show but humor us.
as far and as foreign and as cold as this place is it’s amazing how we’ve settled into a “normal” routine. 2 hours with dylan start the day, done by 12:30, lunch witht he paces and our kaz peeps (i’ve been known to bail on this for some alone time, good time to get online), then some short shopping, (hats, coats, food, diapers, formula), then back to the cottage by 3:00ish. oleg says it’s important that he gets to the indoor garage in this weather before it fills up. true, i’m sure, but i also think they (oleg and inna) don’t mind the short work day! this is when i take a quick cat nap and then trek for the markets. the girls at the “viola market already know me, surprise, surprise. viola is close to the cottage and sells high quality food of all kinds. meat dept, yougart, butter and cheese dept., prepared food dept, beer and vodka dept. they are all seviced by different ladies and everything is behind the counter so one must ask (or point in my case), makes for an amusing 15-20 minutes!
they are all sweet and patient with us.

janet came to the market today:
the eggs were not where they usually are, i make an oval with my hand and point to a chicken....no good. i try to spot a package of egg noodles, uh-uh.
the girls are puzzled and giggling. forgot the phrase book today.
janet- the brains in the family- starts flapping her elbows (think chicken dance) while clucking then squats down and lays an egg!!!!!!! and picks it up.
the girls are very amused but don’t get it. we move on.....
2-3 minutes later the girls are HYSTERICAL , i mean side splitting laughter!!
i go over to see, they got it and found the charade uproarious......
god we know how to have fun.......

speaking of the weather....today was SPECIAL!! the temp was not as extreme as we’ve seen in numbers (close) but this cold was awesome. not entirely sure how or why but this a deeeeep penetrating cold that threatened to freeze the marrow in my bones. not the minute you walk out but 10 minutes in.....it seeps through every layer and just wears you down. slows you down. this stubborn old italian had to retreat......amazing power. i ‘ve never caved into mother nature before. all janet had to say was “my eyeballs are cold”

more later.......




Just please, please, please don't try your pantomiming if you can't locate the white meat parts for a chicken recipe! We don't need Janet causing some sort of international incident in the Viola market!


Re: Charades

right on ann!
tomorrow we shop for chicken breast and weinerschnietzel!!!
next day pork butt..........



This entry is too funny - thanks for taking the time to provide all the color commentary. You guys look so happy and as I told Janet, things come so naturally once you have your baby in your hands. So tell me Janet, how have you been doing with the diaper changes? I remember that being a big concern for you. A few teeth already is great! Gianna still only has 6 total. Good luck on Thursday and Monday. Your in my thoughts and I'll be checking in every day. Any sports bars in town for you to watch the Steelers win the Superbowl?


Too funny Doug. Man it looks cold. For future reference the word for eggs is (phonetically): ya-eech-ka