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February 2012

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Clear. High: -81° F / -63° C Wind West 2 mph / 3 km/h
Saturday Night
Clear. Low: -112° F / -80° C Wind WSW 4 mph / 7 km/h

not sure folks but i just pulled this from wunderground.com!!
i'm thinking typo but see for yourselves............

janet is out collecting batteries, candles, canned food, etc,
doug is setting out his cold weather gear...........


weather, etc...

NO WAY - seriously - that IS March of the Penquins weather...are there any penquins walking along the street? It might actually be warmer in Antartica. We are here watching the Steelers/Broncos game - well I am not - I am writing to you - CC and PC are. Shrimp francese (sp?) for dinner. Claudia in VA, Stewart in Canada, Gibby's in Chicago, you in Kazakhstan... ok you win.
Tell Janet to reply to my email.
It's a typo. I have something similar in my journal from 2004.
I don't care if it is a typo, people can't really live in a place this insanely cold. It's just wrong.How many layers can you possibly wear and still walk? My guess is there's not a big market for sexy, low cut dresses.
it's a typo (i think) but it was cold today like i've never experienced!!
deep, thick, intense cold that cuts through anything. no wind, it just slowly seeps in.
thought i was fine leaving the house but 10-15 minutes later it's like i'm wearing a light coat!
cars (hardly any) go slower, people go slower, debilitating!

pre-court on the 26th, we petition for permission to adopt.
focus please my mystical one.........

You've got it Dude. The rest of the universe will just have to hold itself up while I concentrate all my powers on this one. If you will remember way back when before adoption was even mentioned, I read the cards and they said you and Janet would have a baby. The cards are never wrong. Sometimes things don't happen as we interpret them, but they happen. My guess is that Dylan was in the cards, I just didn't see clearly enough.


Temps ????

Those numbers are well below the top of Mt. Everest and the weather that killed Scott and his party at the South Pole ! And you can travel another 1,000 miles north and still be in Siberia (although, why would anyone want to ??) Your numbers must be in kilometers (ha ha). Love to the precious trio, from Pa.


-81F, are you for real??!! This must be a typo!!!