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February 2012

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took some vitals today:
length: 67cm
head: 42 cm
weight: 7.2 kilos

disposition: priceless..........

double click to see dylans fancy haircut.


Did BJ fly over?
you are in rare form early in the morn'


Checking in

Hi Guys:

I am not even going to ask about that haircut.
These pictures of are so precious and heartwarming.
I am so happy for all 3 of you.

TGIF here but not much planned for the weekend. Maybe check out the Short Bus at Tiernan's tomorrow night, definitely going to the beach with the dogs and of course, football on Sunday.

Stay warm with lots of hugs from Dylan.
Lisa C.



Height: 26.4 inches
Head: 16.5 inches
Weight: 15 pounds, 13 ounces

At her first pediatric appointment at over eight months, Clara was 27.5 inches and only 16 lbs, 4 ozs. It's nice that her future beau will probably end up bigger than she is!


My favorite picture of Dylan and Janet

Janet, just love it. He looks like he knows that you are his mommy and his favorite person in the world, as all mothers are to their sons.


Re: My favorite picture of Dylan and Janet

spencer told me once that he really doesn't like you that much.....
and that uncle dougo rocks!


Great Picture

Congrats guys Dylan is very cute baby. I hope Doug is telling him that Italian Wine is far superior to the French Wine.

Janet your not missing anything at Sempra. Same shit different day.

Jim Tucciarone


Re: Great Picture

thanks jim. stay tuned.
ooohhh for a sip of french or italian (or spanish or american or austrailian or......)
kaz wine is spelled "vodka"