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February 2012

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Hi there Dylan fans! Here's a picture from earlier this week - new ones to follow once the camera battery recharges.
For those of you who are curious about the weather, here's a link to a website with kokshetau weather:
Keep in mind that the temperatures being displayed are in fahrenheit!
Keep the emails coming - not a lot to do outside with the temps like this!



Fun in Kokshetau

First of all your little guy is sooooo cute!!!! While you are in Kokshetau you have to try their ice cream...it is vanilla and comes in a sleeve, you can find at the Viola store. You should try and go to the outdoor flea market also...lots of cool stuff there, including hats and scarfs..it gets a little cold walking on the ice though...so wear your boots. We ended up doing most of our souvenier shopping in Almaty on the 3rd floor of the Tsum (I think that was the name), they have anything imaginable there, including dream quilts and dombres. We did get some little Russian vodka glasses at the Tsum store in Kokshetau to give to friends (about 3 or 4 dollars a box) and some Kokshetau vodka, there is a china shop one street over from the cottage that has really cheap prices. We went to the Kazak theatre and Russian theatre there also....lots of fun and very interesting! Is Luba doing your laundry? She is great!!!! Tell her Tracy, Michael and Ryan Stannard say hello....who is your interpretor?? Enjoy your visits with your little guy and before you know it...he will be yours forever!!!!! Yeah!!!!! take care and hope to hear from you...our email address is tls3548@aol.com

Stay warm



OK - Ice cream and outdoor shopping seem like the absolute worst thing to do in minus 500 degree weather. Does your place have a nice fireplace to snuggle up to? Are there lots of Saint Bernards roaming the street to rescue people buried in the snow?Dylan is adorable. He seems like such an aware baby. How much does he weigh? What are the things he's doing (rolling over, etc)? What is the schedule for the next week? What do you think of the facility? This site is awesome - I'm one it a few times a day for updates so keep them coming!


Hi from Linda...

So how are you getting along with your housemates? And when is your court date? Aren't you getting tired of answering all these questions???

Just dropped by to say Hi, I'm also one of your new fans. This is where I go first thing when I sign on. This web-journal is great...I think you even have fans who you've never met.I'm so happy to see that things are going well, and Dylan looks SO happy and comfortable with you guys. It must just break your heart every time you have to leave him - bet he stands there with a look like "But WHY are they going???!!". I hope you get to take him to the cottage VERY soon.

Keep up the great posts and pictures!

Take care...

Re: Hi from Linda...

hi lin,
never tire of questions.
court is a week from monday.
is this linda kipp or gerin or another?


Daily Fix

I just love that face. When is your court date?

Re: Daily Fix

court is a week from monday

hello from The first Campbell's!!

Hi guys,
I am sitting here with my mom and dad and Aunt Margaret and Spencer (obviously I am still not working!!) I am showing them all of the pictures and we are all having so much fun looking at them all.
Mom and dad say hello and will log on to see what is happening daily too... everyone is just thrilled.
Mom says put on your fur knickers before going out in the morning and dad says just keep drinking scotch. Aunt Margaret says she will start knitting....

Lots of love -
More later

Re: hello from The first Campbell's!!

not sure if my last note posted.
found the "green market"
part slaughterhouse, part dairy farm, AWESOME produce.
like an amusement park for dougdad!


He couldn't be any sweeter...all smiles and love!! Must melt your hearts in such frigid weather. What a ride you guys are having....It's like he's known you forever, the smiles and bright eyes say it all!! I can't wait to meet this little guy...hurry home!

Kevin and Melissa Jordan
thans guys!!
what an adventure indeed.
more pix later today.
thanks for following........


Cute and happy!

Hi, guys:

Sounds like the dinner was the social event of the Kokshetau season... Dylan gets more adorable every day... Must be your influence...

"Aunt" Ann