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February 2012

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Not many pics today - Dougo was busy hosting his first kaz dinner party - as usual, a smashing success.
Attendees included Oleg, our driver and Inna, our translator and our 2 new roommates - the Pace's from Chapel Hill
Menu consisted of "Beef Stew In the American Way" with a side of mashed potatoes and peas and Moldovian Pinot Noir
Presently, we're at -25 F - buuuurrrrrrr


Stop feeding that child. he's getting more grown up by the day! As far as the weather goes- BIG BABY- at least you get a prize at the end.
What the heck did the wine taste like?

callahans are finally on board...

LOVE the pictures!!!! Besides checking the lottery numbers first thing in the morning (not really) this is the very first thing I check - new pictures of my nephew - and you two don't look so bad yourself....

Sounds like you have yourself a working Kaz. commune and dinner parties started already.

More later - did you email Beth Albano ??
hugs and kisses


you're not leaving us any doubt you've bonded with that little fellow.....and he sure looks like he finds you pretty SPECIAL too...but we already knew that !!!!you are making all our lives warm and fuzzy.,,,and that is very nice in the winter months....we miss you...VERY MUCH sst


From Danny~at the store

Hey you guys, Ya know- I use to get up in the morning and log on to my most favorite thing: AIM! Now....it's AIM & the DOUGDAD website!! Was show'n off the Dylan pics to my sister Gabby today as well! I LOVE THEM ALL!! And each day it gets better and better. And yes, all this baby talk & pictures....tempt's me to death---I can't wait to have a lil' "Dylan" of my own one day!! Talk soon...xo Dee

Dinner party

Doug it didn't take you long to feel at home! What kind of kitchen do you have there? What kind of veggies do they have there? Yes, how was that wine? Georgia reallyyyyyyyyyy wants to play with Dylan, hurry home!!! Still strong wind here, trees down everywhere and the insurance companies are very busy!!!! So far so good at your house!!! B

Re: Dinner party

did you see my previous response? i don't see it now........


Re: Dinner party

I'll answer for the veggies based on my recent experience -- potatoes, beets, carrots, onions...

Unless you buy shoprite brand canned stuff...

"Aunt" Ann


Beautiful family

Hey Doug,
Spoke to Liz yesterday and she told me all about your wonderful news, I am so excited for the two of you and that absolutely beautiful baby. I can see how much you two are already enjoying him, there is nothing better than a child. Enjoy every minute and can't wait to see the three of you when you return home.
Stay warm and take care!!
See ya soon