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February 2012

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i just whispered in dylans ear that me and that silly lady will be taking him home soon.....


He sure looks happy to hear that! :)
thanks jeff,
livejournal rocks!!!
as you can see we and all our peeps are havin' a blast.
only fried one item with 240 v, cheap walkie talkies.........

Well, not bad.

A more expensive walkie-talkie with 240v would have simply allowed you to pick up signals from other planets.


Laughing Baby

This picture is so adorable.
What a beautiful family.

Just in case you were wondering its freezing here too.



I just want to chew on him!

He is so precious! He looks like a little giggler! So what are the details? What do you guys do for your insanely short two hours? Does he have any favorite toys yet? Does he (like my bunchkin) like absolutely anything that makes a noise?


"Aunt" Ann

Re: I just want to chew on him!

spot on with the "noise toys"!! he loves them and seems to be fascinated by noise and color. i had a yellow tee shirt on one day a he stared and stared. he also can't get enough of the images on the digital camera. today we're going to bring the prtable DVD player for kicks.
we do lots of excercising on our visits. he needs lots of muscle tone. making great strides already.
all this just hammers home how little attention he's gotten untl now.
All that little attention is about to end. Two days after you guys are home, I'll be hearing how you have to leave to take him to his softball game, and Janet is taking him to soccer tomorrow and the next day you will need to meet up at JL and I will be smiling, slyly, but none the less happy for you.
Come on guys- break out
Love me
isnt it amazing how far a little love goes